Lauren Allen

Third year student of English Literature at University of Greenwich. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram below smiley

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Books and glasses
Why I chose to study English Literature
Lauren Allen shares why she choose to student English Literature at Greenwich University.
Eyechart through glasses, Kettle Mag, Lauren Allen
Glasses v. Contact Lenses
Lauren Allen casts a beady eye over the pros and cons of glasses v contact lenses.
Review, East Life, life writing, UEL, East London, community, books, culture, Kettle Mag, Lauren Allen
Review: East Life, Life Writing from UEL and the East London Community
Lauren Allen reviews UEL's anthology East Life, talking about the concept of life writing in relation to the communities of East London.
Getting To Know You, arts, Kettle Mag, Lauren Allen
Getting to know you: Studying the arts
Lauren Allen talks to Chloe Gatrell and Amy Sutters about what life is like as Fine Arts student and why art is so important in education.
books, novels, expectations, Lauren Allen, Kettle Mag
Five iconic novels that may surprise you
Lauren Allen takes us through her favourite novels.