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fire & fury, kettle mag
Fire and Fury — a look into Trump's White House
Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury came out during the first week of the year, and it has caused much commotion inside the White House, going as far as eliciting legal action and reaction from the president himself.
What does Facebook's newsfeed change really mean by Kasia Kwasniewska
Pivot to friends and family: What does Facebook's newsfeed change really mean?
The company has announced that they’ll be boosting content produced by our family and friends instead of media institutions and brands, and unsurprisingly, users are confused.
Is money or Pep Guardiola the true force behind Manchester City’s success?
Manchester City success from buying power to manager power
Are Manchester City really “buying” trophies?
Books on a shelf
Do long books still have a place?
The digital age has shortened our attention spans and created desire for quick, brief information. Lucy Skoulding ponders whether this impacts our preferences for book length.
student journalists, kettle mag
Kettle launches Patreon account
If Kettle is to continue to help student journalists, it needs your support...
Celebrity Big Brother, Year of the Woman
Celebrity Big Brother: The story so far
How Big Brother has brought LGBT representation to the nation's living rooms in the best way.
kettle mag
Why do currency rates move the way they do?
The fx world is such high-paced and diverse that it is impossible to grasp it fully without being an expert in the field... or is it?
Get clearer skin with the right treatment for you, and watch that smile grow.
The road to clearer skin and a bigger smile
Acne is a struggle for so many teenagers and young adults. Here is a guide to clearer skin and an insight into my journey through treatment.
reading, kettle mag
New Year, New Books
Now that the first weeks of 2018 have gone by, Rita Cunha shares the list of books she’s most excited for this year.
Golden Globes 2018, kettle mag
The (Woke) Golden Globes
After the sexual scandals that have arisen in Hollywood following the accusations made against Harvey Weinstein, the Golden Globe Awards took a woke and introspective direction.