If you fancy any of these suggestions, or if you have any other ideas for an article of health/fitness/nutrition/mental health, please get in touch!

  •  The danger of Crash Cleansing: Why we should avoid fad diets in the new year
  • Super foods of 2017: Avocado, Sweet potato, cauliflower rice… How can we incorporate these superfoods into our diets?
  • Are you drinking enough water? Why is 75% of the population dehydrated?
  • *NEW FEATURE* Mental Health 101

A space for you to share personal experiences, provide tips and tricks and bust myths surrounding mental health issues.

  • *NEW FEATURE* My Health and Fitness….

A chance for our editors to share their top tips to staying fit and healthy. Article will be in a Q & A format so message me if you want to get involved!

*The usual features…*

  • Kettle Tries….

A review of a trial of any new sport/diet/supplement/medication you have tried. (I’m currently writing one on my experience trying Yoga for the first time).


  • Not so embarrassing bodies:


Choose an ailment/invisible illness that is usually a cause of embarrassment and eradicate the stigma attached I’m writing one at the moment about my lack of sense of smell (it’s true!) Anything similar please share your ideas.

  • My Fitness Journey:

Share your own personal story about how you got into fitness, the impact it had and where you are now compared to where you were. I’ve just finished one about how I got into exercise at the beginning of summer and how this helped my mental health also.