1. News: the Time's Up campaign – either cover this or write an opinion piece.
  2. Listicle: stage shows you can see right now that you probably haven't heard of.
  3. The new year: do you have any new year's resolutions relating to culture, e.g. read more books. What are they and how will you make them happen?
  4. Opinion: what do you think about improv? Either from performer or viewer perspective – one angle you could take is how improv is expanding in the UK and how you can get involved.
  5. NEW FEATURE: free culture activity in the UK – write about something culture-y that you have done for free. What was it, what did you think about it etc.
  6. REVIEWS: please please please send us a review of anything you go to see or read. We enjoy hearing your thoughts on everything, whether it's a famous book, or a new play.