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 Writer’s suggestions

Kettle’s editors come up with 5 suggestions each, every Tuesday. The aim of these suggestions is to provide a bit of inspiration to our student journalists.

If you see a suggestion here that you like the look of then please simply write it and upload it to the site.

Remember that these are only suggestions – if you want to write something totally different then please feel to do so :o)


Lucy McLaughlin


Rita Cunha

Hello, writers! I hope you had a great holiday period. My brain is still very much on vacation, so apologies for not a lot of suggestions today…
🎓 New semester, new reading list: Since many of you (I included) will be going back to uni, I thought a piece on required reading would be great. What are the best/worst reading lists you got at uni?
📕 Marie Kondo and getting rid of books: This has been a MAJOR topic in the bookish community online. According to Marie Kondo (author of The Art of Tidying Up and new Netflix show), you should only keep books that bring you joy. The Guardian wrote against this (here) but many people are saying they completely missed the point… What’s your take on it?
📖 Book review! What’s a book you’ve read recently? I always love reading your opinions on which books you loved and which you hated — and why.
Have a great week!

Amrita Takk

  1. Employment in the UK at its highest since 1971, despite Brexit. Are you surprised?
  2. The world’s most expensive cities have been revealed. What makes these cities so expensive?
  3. The boss of Warner Bros has quit after speculation of an affair. The impact this could have on the future of Warner Media.
  4. Why Brexit MP’s need to take a step back and consider what kind of Brexit catastrophe awaits the country.
  5. JD Sports to potentially buy Footasylum for £90.1m, as it has been going through troubling times. How would the two businesses complement each other?

Drop me a message if you need any help – on FB or


Lucy Skoulding

    1. New Year’s Resolutions: Good practice or pointless?
    2. Best of Netflix right now
    3. News: Kevin Spacey’s court trial begins
    4. Obituary: remembering author John Burningham
    5. Listicle: The cultural hobbies you could try out in 2019
    6. REGULAR: Remember I always love receiving reviews of books, poetry, dance, art, theatre, film, TV, exhibitions, restaurants, travel etc. Anything cultural I want to hear your thoughts.

    If you’ve got any questions or you’re having problems, please email me on and please pitch me anything else you fancy writing.

Current Affairs

Alice Marmara

  1. Weekly Debate: To tackle people abusing the NHS, it has been suggested people should pay to see a GP and then if their visit is justified they get a refund. Could this be an effective method? Or does it go against the ethos of the NHS? Let me know what you think!
  2. Shamima Begum’s baby: There have been reports her baby has died leading to questions being asked about the responsibility of the British government after revoking her citizenship. An article looking at this and discussing how far you think the government’s duty of care goes.
  3. Amber Rudd and Diane Abbott: Amber Rudd came under fire this week for using the term ‘coloured’ to describe Diane Abbott and has since apologised saying she was ‘mortified’. An article looking at the reaction to Rudd’s comments including Diane Abbott and what the danger is in using outdated terms.
  4. Brexit talks: MPs are set to vote on May’s deal today (Tuesday 12th). An article looking at what the outcome of the vote was and what this means for Brexit.
  5. Your choice! Is there an issue you have a strong opinion on or something you don’t think is reported on enough in the mainstream media. This is your chance to get your voice heard.


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F 1

Sam Angell

1. We’re underway! A summary of the Australian GP as it happened would be great.

2. Redemption for Bottas! How does this change the outlook of his season? Can he take the fight to Lewis for the WDC? Are Mercedes just going to walk the title?

3. New Kids on the Block, How did Norris, Albon and Russell fare in Melbourne, how do you rate their first starts in F1? Expectations for the rest of the season?

4. Red Bull Honda, first podium since 2008, are Red Bull onto a winner with a 3rd place in their first race? Can we expect them to carry this performance onto the more power intensive Bahrain in two weeks?

5. Extra point for the fastest lap: How did it work out in Melbourne, exciting? or a gimmick? Plenty of drivers seemed keen to get their hands on it.

Bonus: Why are Williams so terrible, will they even score a point this season?



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Katie Williams

Food & Drink


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Nathan Shepherd & Gillen Reid

  1. What can football do about pitch invaders?
  2. Preview/review the European football this week
  3. Premier League – How do you think the top six will look in May?
  4. Whats your thoughts on the International FA Board (Ifab) rule changes for next season?
  5. Zidane returns to Real Madrid – what needs fixing?

Any other ideas let us know! Happy to help.

Contact: or


Kai Nicol-Schwarz

In early September, Lil Pump immortalised the words “You’re such [an effing] ho, I love it,” in the song I Love It featuring Kanye West. What are your favourite Lil Pump lyrics and how have they changed your life?

A supermarket tunnel in Bude (Cornwall) recently topped TripAdvisor’s list of attractions in the seaside resort town. What tourist attractions does your small, slightly uninteresting hometown boast?

Create a list of Del Boy Business Practices from across the globe.

For Example:


Top 10 extinct animals that could beat your Dad in a fight. Steller’s sea cow, the dodo and the Tyrannosaurus Rex could all feature.


Submit a cartoon/photo that satirises or ridicules something in the news recently. 



Violence in politics. Is political talk becoming more violent/aggressive? Do politicians and political commentators have a duty to keep things calm?

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of HM opposition, was punched in the head on Sunday yet there has been very little reporting of the incident by the media. Would there be similar quiet if it have been Teresa may who had been punched? What message does this give to those thinking of future attacks?

Gang related crime. Akala puts some perspective on the situation. Should we be worried right now?

Who is lying about the link between knife crime and police number – Teresa May of Cressida Dick? One of them is lying.

The 5 best Twitter accounts right now.



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  • How to prepare for your dream interview
  • How to deal with PR teams when applying for press accreditation
  • What should you do when your editor asks you to make amendments to your article?
  • As a freelance writer – how to you get onto (and stay) your editor’s radar
  • What you should look out for when applying for an internship


Suggestions for the next week are below, if you want to grab one of these or have anything else media-related you would like to write drop me an e-mail.
Telegraph has launched a women’s sport section – should other papers follow suit?

Sun has launched a new Mental Health Campaign

George Osborne has said he doesn’t believe newspapers can influence referenda or elections and that public money shouldn’t be used to prop up newspapers

A look at the BBC’s Crossing Divides Project





Georgie Robbins


– Mental Health + Music. Music is a great healer, it would be great to talk about this, maybe what it is about it that helps people, why having a creative outlet.

-I would really like a feature talking about musicians we should be looking out for this year. Maybe a top 5 to watch list.

– I think we should be shining the spotlight on the underdog. There are so many amazing artists out there, we should be sharing the love.

-A behind the scenes feature. This can be behind the scenes of a show, the people behind the music, what is involved in releasing material.

You can Email me on or my Twitter it @georgiejourno if you have any queries.


Becca McAuley

Suggestions week beginning 11th February:

1. Brexit: What a mess… There’s so much to talk about so please take this in any direction you wish, just drop me an email/DM first to let me know your angle. Some potential ideas might be: how realistic is a no-deal Brexit, would May let it happen? Should Labour be campaigning for a People’s Vote? Do we need a new centrist party to heal the rift in British politics?

2. Anti-Semitism: There were 673 complaints of anti-Semitism in 10 months in the Labour party – is the party taking this problem seriously?

3. Shutdown 2.0: US Republicans and Democrats have reached a deal in principle over border security to avoid another government shutdown, but will Trump’s wall ever really be built or was it just a pipeline dream?

4. AOC: The politician really taking America (and the rest of the world, by the looks of things) by storm is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She went viral with this video about campaign finance laws. 3/5/7 things she’s achieved since taking office (doesn’t have to be practical, can be related to her age/gender/politics – encouraging more diversity)

5. Iranian Revolution: Iran are celebrating 40 years since the Iranian Revolution. 3/5/7 things that have changed in the Middle East in that time and how Iran have played a role as a regional hegemon.

If you’d like any more guidance on these suggestions or have another topic you’d like to write about, please do get in touch! You can reach me at or on Twitter @beccamcauley_. Have a great week!



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Sex & Relationships


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Social Media




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Student Life

Rachel Avery

List: How to manage your stress during exam season. What are your top tips?

Tips: How to make your CV stand out? What can you do whilst at uni to get that dream job when you graduate?

Opinion: Why are we paying so much to graduate? Is it fair to charge so much for tickets and gowns?

Personal experience: What’s it like doing an English Literature degree?

Your Uni: What uni do you go to? Why did you choose it? Do you have any funny anecdotes? I would love to hear about your own personal thoughts and experiences. You may help others who are deciding on what uni to go to.

Please let me know if you have any other ideas, suggestions or queries. I’m always happy to help! You can contact me by email at:


Jasmine Butler

  • Christmas fashion


  • Winter work wear

How to look stylish for work in the winter- utilise accessories to keep warm/ wear statement coats and block print/ patterns.

  • Emerging designers

Find and research new and upcoming designers- could be locally or from around the world, if local perhaps interview them and help get their presence known!

  • Street fashion; current trends out and about

Localise fashion, Fashion Photography ,Video /interview street people and the experience

  • Androgynous; Fashion to suit anyone 

Fashion with no gender label. How it is now / how people wear this trend now /comparison of past androgynous fashion.

  • Primark ‘Collections’ 

Primark have been dropping themed collections – such as Toy Story, Harry Potter , Beauty and the beast. Show what there is available and perhaps what might be expected to drop next.

Dont hesitate to contact me with any questions at or twitter @jazzmariee22 x



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Tayler Finnegan

OPINION: British rapper Akala has been praised for speaking about knife crime on Good Morning Britain. What did he say and what is the significance?
REVIEW: Netflix’s Russian Doll
OPINION: Do the team behind shows such as Love Island have a duty of care to check up on their contestants once they are thrown back into reality?
REVIEW: Queer Eye
PREVIEW: Spring 2019 television

Charlie Bradford-Gibbs

  • Women in TV: Derry Girls series 2 airs on Channel 4 this evening. Who’s your favourite of the 4 main girls? What about the creator (Lisa McGee) – maybe a little profile on her? How has the show explored the concept of femininity? How about girls only schools – did any of you go to one & if so, what are your opinions on it? The possibilities for an article based around the show are endless!


  • International women’s day is THIS FRIDAY!! What’s changed in the world of women since last year? How are you celebrating? What would you like to see in the next year?


  • Women’s only sections in gyms – should all gyms have these?


  • Whilst perusing on Kickstarter last night I came across this period game. I think it’s great – what do you think? Is this the way forward to normalise periods? What else can we do? (note: a period emoji is coming to us soon, but it got some criticism)


  • Films/TV shows with strong female leads to watch this month – listicle of 3/5/10 recommendations.


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