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 Writer’s suggestions

Kettle’s editors come up with 5 suggestions each, every Tuesday. The aim of these suggestions is to provide a bit of inspiration to our student journalists.

If you see a suggestion here that you like the look of then please simply write it and upload it to the site.

Remember that these are only suggestions – if you want to write something totally different then please feel to do so :o)


Lucy McLaughlin


Rita Cunha

Hello, everyone! 🙋🏻 I hope you’ve had a great weekend! Here are this week’s suggestions:

1 — Becoming: Michelle Obama’s memoir — It’s been a week since Michelle Obama’s memoir hit the shelves. Have you read it? Do you have anything to say about the hype surrounding such a talked-about person and their book of memoirs?

2 — New trailer for “Dumplin'” — In less than a month, the movie adaptation of novel Dumplin’ will premier on Netflix. Just yesterday the network released another trailer. What do this book and movie have to say about body positivity? Representation of other body types? Is it an empowering story?

3 — Book review! This is your chance to write a book review for a book you’ve read and loved (or maybe hated!) Get creative — we’re excited to pick at your brain!



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Lucy Skoulding

    1. X best films you’ve probably never seen – a roundup of your favourite films none of your friends know about.
    2. News: Harry Potter continues to boost sales at Bloomsbury
    3. Review: Making a Murderer Season 2
    4. Halloween – best recipes if you’re having a party
    5. Cultural Careers – how to be a curator
    6. REGULAR: Remember I always love receiving reviews of books, poetry, dance, art, theatre, film, TV, exhibitions, restaurants, travel etc. Anything cultural I want to hear your thoughts.

    If you’ve got any questions or you’re having problems, please email me on and please pitch me anything else you fancy writing.

Current Affairs

Alice Marmara

  1. Battle of the Christmas Adverts: A nice festive one to start the week! All of the new Christmas adverts are coming out, which one do you think is the best? Are adverts now becoming to competitive with too much focus as to how much attention it receives?
  2. Amber Rudd attacks the UN: A new report from the UN said welfare cuts and Brexit are exacerbating the problems of Britain’s poorest people. The new work and pensions secretary has slammed this report in the House of Commons. Is she right to? Or is the government not wanting to come to terms with the impact the Oscars are having?
  3. Chinese Oscars Controversy: The awards which were broadcasted in Beijing cut their feed when one of the winners started talking about Taiwan being granted independence. What does this show us about the political situation in China? Should celebrity voices be viewed as dangerous and therefore be censored?
  4. David Attenborough’s Dynasties: I mean, who isn’t a fan of David Attenborough? I have been watching his latest offering Dynasties. In one episode following Emperor Penguins the crew intervened to help save the lives of a group of penguins. Was this the right move? Or should they have let nature run its course?
  5. Jeremy Corbyn and his coat: Corbyn has been accused of lacking respect by wearing a scruffy coat to the Remembrance parade at the Cenotaph. Does it matter what someone wears? Or does it show a lack of support?
  6. Your choice! Is there an issue you have a strong opinion on or something you don’t think is reported on enough in the mainstream media. This is your chance to get your voice heard.


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F 1

Sophia Bi

·         Australian grand prix will be introducing young boys and girls who will make history as the first ever F1 Grid Kids at the 2018 grand prix race – thoughts on this?

·         Tatiana Calderon announced she would continue her F1 journey with Sauber F1 team Alfa Romeo this year as a Test Driver – was this the right move for her?

·      Carmen Jorda a member of the FIA’s Women in Motorsport Commission – caused controversy by saying women should strive for Formula E not F1 as it is less challenging – opinions?

·  F1 season kicks off in Australia this Sunday – Can anyone stop Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes this year?

·         Formula E – championship leader Jean-Éric Vergne extended his lead at the top of the driver standings with a sublime performance in Uruguay – review?



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Katie Williams

Food & Drink

Chloe Sayers

  • Guinness- We have just celebrated St Patrick’s day. What is your opinion of Guinness? Love it or hate it, and if so/ not why?
  • Gin- What gin trends are you noticing this year and appreciating and why?
  • Yogurt- What are your 3/5/7 favourite yogurts and why?
  • Soup- As the weather has been chilly the last few days, many of us rely on a nice hearty bowl of soup to warm up. Have you got any recipes and if not what are your 3/5/7 favourite soups?
  • As always, reviews of anything food/ drink based.

Nathan Shepherd & Gillen Reid

  1. Nations League: What next for England?
  2. What needs to be done for more youth to be promoted in the Premier League instead of overseas transfers?
  3. Are you for or against La Liga, Serie A games etc to be played overseas and why?
  4. Jadon Sancho – player profile.
  5. How do you feel about the TV deals in football? Are they asking too much? e.g. Sky Sports Championship games.

Any other ideas let us know! Happy to help.

Contact: or


Kai Nicol-Schwarz

In early September, Lil Pump immortalised the words “You’re such [an effing] ho, I love it,” in the song I Love It featuring Kanye West. What are your favourite Lil Pump lyrics and how have they changed your life?

A supermarket tunnel in Bude (Cornwall) recently topped TripAdvisor’s list of attractions in the seaside resort town. What tourist attractions does your small, slightly uninteresting hometown boast?

Create a list of Del Boy Business Practices from across the globe.

For Example:


Top 10 extinct animals that could beat your Dad in a fight. Steller’s sea cow, the dodo and the Tyrannosaurus Rex could all feature.


Submit a cartoon/photo that satirises or ridicules something in the news recently. 



What on Earth is the BBC playing at by having Aaron Banks on the Andrew Marr show? Banks is under investigation by multiple agencies for his involvement with Vote Leave. Is the BBC a lost cause?

Hunting – it seems that every week there is an image on social media of a hunter and a dead animal. Why does this still persist? How can we get hunting banned?

Elections – US Mid Terms will provide Americans with the opportunity to let the current administration know exactly what they think of them. How will Trump fair in this crucial vote?

Lest we forget – Has the original message of Remembrance Day been lost. Are we in danger of glorifying war?

Winter is coming… what are the best jumpers that you can buy this season?



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Abigail Porter



Suggestions for the next week are below, if you want to grab one of these or have anything else media-related you would like to write drop me an e-mail.

The New Internationalist has a new look – is it’s stated aim of revamping its print magazine to attract younger readers achieveable?



Should media coverage of suicides stop using the term ‘committed suicide’?

The story of how one journalism student uncovered a sex for rent scandal

How is the rise of streaming and on demand video squeezing the finances of traditional broadcasters including the publicly funded BBC? What other challenges do they face?

What will US giant Comcast taking control of Sky mean for British media?


Middle East

Thomas Howes-Ward

Syria: Will the Russian-brokered ceasefire in Eastern Ghouta help ease the humanitarian crisis in the rebel-held Damascus suburb?

Saudi Arabia: Is there more to the military reshuffle than meets the eye?

Jerusalem: Why have church leaders closed the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, one of Christianity’s holiest shrines? Will it have any effect on Israeli politics?


Michael Docherty


Georgie Robbins

– It’s Festival season so it would be great if we could maybe compile a run down of some of the best smaller Festivals, who to look out for and what’s to love about these smaller events. I know a few events over the summer if you need any inspiration.
– As an aside to this maybe something about staying safe at these places etc?

– It’s Pride Month so I would really love something about a prolific LGBT musician. Why they influenced us/you. More and more people are speaking up so it would be great to highlight those people.

– Mental Health + Music. Music is a great healer, it would be great to talk about this, maybe what it is about it that helps people, why having a creative outlet.

– A Summer playlist would be great. This can be any genre of music but songs we should be looking out for, excited about for the summer.

-A behind the scenes feature. This can be behind the scenes of a show, the people behind the music, what is involved in releasing material.

You can Email me on or my Twitter it @georgiejourno if you have any queries.


Becca McAuley

  1. Brexit – what a week! Really keen to get some articles up about this to feel free to take it in any direction you wish. Here are some suggestions to get you started: round-up of the last week’s events (Raab’s resignation amongst others, new cabinet appointments, Rees-Mogg’s speech outside Parliament, talk of vote of no confidence and letters to the 1922 committee); what options do we face? (various ‘deal’ configurations, what a no deal could look like); was Brexit a good idea? (something personal here would be great e.g. if you voted Leave but now want to Remain or vice versa; if you live in a town that voted Leave but could be decimated by leaving the EU; what it could mean for you in terms of jobs/study). Let me know if you’d like any further guidance on Brexit-related articles – just drop me an email or a message on Twitter.
  2. Netanyahu: The Israeli PM has appointed himself Defence Minister after the former one resigned over the Gaza ceasefire agreed with Hamas. Should politicians be able to hold office for more than one position?
  3. Khashoggi: The CIA have reportedly concluded that the Saudi Crown Prince ordered the killing of Jamal Khashoggi. Judging by what’s happened internationally so far since the murder, what repercussions (if any) are Saudi Arabia likely to face if this is true?


If you’d like any more guidance on these suggestions or have another topic you’d like to write about, get in touch! You can reach me at or on Twitter @beccamcauley_. Have a great week!



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Sex & Relationships


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Social Media

Emily Baker

Kanye and his lost Twitter followers – What was his downfall this time? Was it his support for Trump?

Logan Paul announces his withdrawal from daily vlogs – What does this mean for the changing landscape of YouTube? More and more bloggers turning to other outlets etc.

The power of social media… exposing Tristan Thompson cheating – The world’s reaction now that True has been born (and the fact he posted a picture, the first since her birth, with no mention??)


Drop me and email if you want to write any of these, or if you have any more ideas or questions:



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Student Life

Rachel Avery

Advice: I’m not happy with my degree course, can I switch? What should you consider when making your decision?

Opinion: ‘Students don’t need nannying by their universities – it’s a shame they are drinking less’. What’s your opinion on this topic? How do you spend your free time at uni?

Tips: What are your top student hacks for surviving uni?

List: Why can’t Christmas hurry up already! Make a list of why you’re already done with the first semester at uni.

Your Uni: What uni do you go to? Why did you choose it? Do you have any funny anecdotes? I would love to hear about your own personal thoughts and experiences. You may help others who are deciding on what uni to go to.


Please let me know if you have any other ideas, suggestions or queries. I’m always happy to help! You can contact me by email at:


Jasmine Butler

  • Christmas fashion


  • Winter work wear

How to look stylish for work in the winter- utilise accessories to keep warm/ wear statement coats and block print/ patterns.

  • Emerging designers

Find and research new and upcoming designers- could be locally or from around the world, if local perhaps interview them and help get their presence known!

  • Street fashion; current trends out and about

Localise fashion, Fashion Photography ,Video /interview street people and the experience

  • Androgynous; Fashion to suit anyone 

Fashion with no gender label. How it is now / how people wear this trend now /comparison of past androgynous fashion.

  • Primark ‘Collections’ 

Primark have been dropping themed collections – such as Toy Story, Harry Potter , Beauty and the beast. Show what there is available and perhaps what might be expected to drop next.

Dont hesitate to contact me with any questions at or twitter @jazzmariee22 x



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Tayler Finnegan

OPINION: I’m A Celebrity controversy is rife already with rumours that some of the contestants are vegan and will be excused from partaking in the eating Bushtucker trials. Is this the case? (Sair Khan’s social media team have already clarified she is not vegan, despite tabloid reports, but what about the others?) What issues does this raise in the wider perspective of the show? Should they be eating live animals for entertainment?

REVIEW: Doctor Who – how are you finding this series? The inclusion of topical themes and subjects have stirred up much discussion; let us hear your thoughts!

PREVIEW: Game of Thrones season 8 – what do we know about the series which will air next year?

OPINION: the 5/7 best teen TV shows that every young person should watc

OPINION: Winter TV previews – what’s on the box to keep us warm on these chilly nights


Charlie Bradford-Gibbs

Woman of the Year:  as the year draws to a close, who would you nominate as your woman of the year and why?

Top Podcast/s made by women: who is it by, why is it great, what does it cover?

Women in Literature: With the death of comic book legend Stan Lee, it might be fitting to look at the advancement of comic books and their respective films – how women have been presented in them over time. Could write this in a timeline sort of article with key moments looked at.

Equal Pay Day – this has just passed (10th Nov). What is it, what did people do to mark the date and will it have any impact? A look into the gender pay gap and equal pay could be great too.

Women and Films: Top 5 feminist films – any genre!

That’s all for this week folks, give me a shout on twitter @chrlgbbs or email me if you’ve any other suggestions or questions!



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