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 Writer’s suggestions

Kettle’s editors come up with 5 suggestions each, every Tuesday. The aim of these suggestions is to provide a bit of inspiration to our student journalists.

If you see a suggestion here that you like the look of then please simply write it and upload it to the site.

Remember that these are only suggestions – if you want to write something totally different then please feel to do so :o)


Lucy McLaughlin


Leah Walker

  • FEATURE/LIST: The Most Engaging Audiobooks – audiobooks are the perfect way to read books on the go. There’s loads on the market now and some are even being voiced by famous actors. What are some that really immerse you into the story?
  • FEATURE/LIST: Entertaining Biographies to Read This Summer – celebrities lives often lead to some really entertaining stories. So what are some of the best biographies that we should be reading this summer?
  • FEATURE: Black Lives Matter: Literature Tackling the Issue First-Hand – even in today’s society the issue is still evident. People are still being mistreated due to something as simple as the colour of their skin. What are some books that cover the issue? Like The Hate U Give and Children of Blood and Bone. Why should we all be reading them?
  • FEATURE/LIST: The Ultimate Tolkien Wish-List – Tolkien’s Arda is truly massive, so naturally there’s a lot of drool worthy collectible items and merchandise that comes with it. What are some things you can’t wait to get your hands on? Could be things like maps, pins, limited edition book covers, etc!
Any creative writing pieces, book reviews or anything you want to write about are also appreciated!


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Lucy Skoulding

  1. What can the World Cup teach us about different cultures?
  2. Review: Beyonce and Jay Z’s new album – Everything is Love
  3. Festival season: which is/are the best one(s)?
  4. In defence of memoirs – why read them?
  5. Hereditary – why/why not should you give scary movies a chance?
  6. Reviews – dance, theatre, books, film, music, places, museums, art, TV etc
Current Affairs


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F 1

Sophia Bi

·         Australian grand prix will be introducing young boys and girls who will make history as the first ever F1 Grid Kids at the 2018 grand prix race – thoughts on this?

·         Tatiana Calderon announced she would continue her F1 journey with Sauber F1 team Alfa Romeo this year as a Test Driver – was this the right move for her?

·      Carmen Jorda a member of the FIA’s Women in Motorsport Commission – caused controversy by saying women should strive for Formula E not F1 as it is less challenging – opinions?

·  F1 season kicks off in Australia this Sunday – Can anyone stop Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes this year?

·         Formula E – championship leader Jean-Éric Vergne extended his lead at the top of the driver standings with a sublime performance in Uruguay – review?



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Katie Williams

Food & Drink

Chloe Sayers

  • Guinness- We have just celebrated St Patrick’s day. What is your opinion of Guinness? Love it or hate it, and if so/ not why?
  • Gin- What gin trends are you noticing this year and appreciating and why?
  • Yogurt- What are your 3/5/7 favourite yogurts and why?
  • Soup- As the weather has been chilly the last few days, many of us rely on a nice hearty bowl of soup to warm up. Have you got any recipes and if not what are your 3/5/7 favourite soups?
  • As always, reviews of anything food/ drink based.

Nathan Shepherd & Gillen Reid

  1. Premier League kicks off again next month, which summer transfers have caught your eye?
  2. World Cup final preview/review – ends this week!
  3. World Cup Player/Team Analysis – who’s your favourite player/team of the tournament?
  4. What do you think about VAR? Lover or Hater.
  5. What are the UEFA Financial Fair Play Regulations and do you think they have made a difference?

Any other ideas let us know! Happy to help.

Contact: or



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England’s run in the World Cup could not have come at a better time. After so little to cheer about in recent years, we finally have something to feel proud about – something to unite the country….

Is the Government on the verge of total collapse. Do you think we’ll have a general election before the end of the summer?

The NHS is 70. Are we heading for a US style, insurance-based health care system? Is this a good or bad thing. (Hint: it’s very bad!!!) 🙂

Tips to keep your bedroom cool during a heatwave.

My favourite ice cream, flavour…..



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Abigail Porter



Suggestions for the next week are below, if you want to grab one of these or have anything else media-related you would like to write drop me an e-mail.

Middle East

Thomas Howes-Ward

Syria: Will the Russian-brokered ceasefire in Eastern Ghouta help ease the humanitarian crisis in the rebel-held Damascus suburb?

Saudi Arabia: Is there more to the military reshuffle than meets the eye?

Jerusalem: Why have church leaders closed the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, one of Christianity’s holiest shrines? Will it have any effect on Israeli politics?


Michael Docherty


Georgie Robbins

– It’s Festival season so it would be great if we could maybe compile a run down of some of the best smaller Festivals, who to look out for and what’s to love about these smaller events. I know a few events over the summer if you need any inspiration.
– As an aside to this maybe something about staying safe at these places etc?

– It’s Pride Month so I would really love something about a prolific LGBT musician. Why they influenced us/you. More and more people are speaking up so it would be great to highlight those people.

– Mental Health + Music. Music is a great healer, it would be great to talk about this, maybe what it is about it that helps people, why having a creative outlet.

– A Summer playlist would be great. This can be any genre of music but songs we should be looking out for, excited about for the summer.

-A behind the scenes feature. This can be behind the scenes of a show, the people behind the music, what is involved in releasing material.

You can Email me on or my Twitter it @georgiejourno if you have any queries.



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Sex & Relationships


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Social Media

Emily Baker

Kanye and his lost Twitter followers – What was his downfall this time? Was it his support for Trump?

Logan Paul announces his withdrawal from daily vlogs – What does this mean for the changing landscape of YouTube? More and more bloggers turning to other outlets etc.

The power of social media… exposing Tristan Thompson cheating – The world’s reaction now that True has been born (and the fact he posted a picture, the first since her birth, with no mention??)


Drop me and email if you want to write any of these, or if you have any more ideas or questions:



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Student Life

Charlie Bradford-Gibbs

– As Leon mentioned yesterday, a write up of the university strikes so far – how are they effecting students.

– Getting ill at uni – top 5 things to keep in your cupboard just in case

– Top tips for staying focused (in class or at home doing work)

– Advice on choosing a firm choice of uni – what should you consider, what’s important, what’s less so

– Top 5 things to consider before moving in with someone

This is intended to be a weekly/bi-weekly feature which gives a glimpse into the life of Kettle writers. The outline below is very basic, as I want to ensure that each piece is written in a personal style.

Section 1 – introduce yourself, what course you’re on, what year, what uni etc
Section 2 – why you chose that course/uni/city, what you like about it, what you’d suggest for others planning to study inyour uni/city/course
Section 3 – opinions on typical uni things e.g. living in halls – did you do it? are you still in halls? freshers week – what you thought of it, where you went out in your city etc

Have fun with this, write it lightheartedly and in your own style. Enjoy!

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any queries… email –, twitter – @chrlgbbs


Jasmine Butler

      • Wedding and Bridesmaid dresses for a bargain
        • H & M, Misguided, Asos etc have their own wedding dresses for great prices! Show what there is and the prices, Also can include how to dress as the guest- or alternatives to wearing dresses.
      • Season transition must haves
        • items / fashion garments you need in your wardrobe that are easy to transition from Winter to Summer.
      • Street fashion; current trends out and about
        •  Localise fashion, Fashion Photography ,Video /interview street people and the experience
      • Androgynous; Fashion to suit anyone 
        • Fashion with no gender label. How it is now / how people wear this trend now /comparison of past androgynous fashion.
      • Primark ‘Collections’ 
        • Primark have been dropping themed collections – such as Toy Story, Harry Potter , Beauty and the beast. Show what there is available and perhaps what might be expected to drop next.

Dont hesitate to contact me with any questions at or twitter @jazzmariee22 x


April Fergus

  • It’s the NHS at 70! A massive milestone for the NHS. But how has technology helped change the face of it and could we live without it?
  • Microsoft are releasing a new surface this week, rumoured to be ideal for low budgets. Will this be ideal for new students or not worth the compromise?
  • Amazon Prime Day is right around the corner – what are the best deals to look out for this year?
  • How has technology impacted on the way we form relationships? With apps such as Tinder and Match helping us find love to messaging services like WhatsApp and Snapchat, helping us keep tags on our friends
  • What are the top 5 apps we all need for holiday? From Google Maps to weather apps there are some services we can’t live without abroad.

Rebecca Parker

      • London Southend Airport has announced it will be partnering with Ryan on new Summer 2019 routes. These include Bilbao, Brest, Corfu, Cluj, Kosice and Venice. A brief write up on each of the routes would be great.
      • What’s your travel persona and where should you travel to? Could be split into sub-sections such as ‘the Instagrammer’, ‘the solo traveller’, ‘the adventurist’ etc.
      • Stasher are a new sharing economy solution for left luggage, making travelling more affordable by cutting the price of luggage storage in half. A write up about this initiative would be great. I have the press release and images for this.
      • Current travel deals with Teletext to Marrakesh and Fuerteventura. I have information about this. Perhaps it would be nice to focus on one with a bit about the destination, things to do, places to stay etc with the deal and link included.
      • Charity foundation Marine Megafauna Foundation has recently launched diving expeditions in Mozambique. I have a press release on this.

Tayler Finnegan

OPINION: World Cup fever has swept the nation, but what about those of us who are already missing the usual TV schedule? An alternative viewing guide on what shows to discover or catch up on would make a fun piece!

PREVIEW: Luther will return! What does the teaser trailer show? When did we last see the sketchy detective?

REVIEW: Queer Eye season 2

REVIEW: Netflix’s The Staircase has gripped audiences with its retelling of a 2001 murder. Does it live up to the hype?

OPINION: The 5/7 best true-crime documentaries available to watch


Rita Cunha

👩 This week’s Women Suggestions 👩
1) Mother’s Day — How is the image of women affected by motherhood? Do you think there is any societal pressure for women to become mothers?
2) Irish “Abortion” Referendum — Google has banned adverts about this referendum and as May 25th approaches, there seems to be a divide between voters. What is Ireland’s history with abortion?
3) Free Piece! — Have you seen a woman stand out in her field lately? If so, you’re free to write about this however you’d like (biographical piece…)
My email is — if you want to write about anything else, send me a pitch.


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