Weekly Suggestions

Please choose the suggestions that you like the look of, get it written and then upload it to the site.

Remember that these are only suggestions - if you want to write something totally different then please feel to do so :o)

Lucy McLaughlin

- graduation is soon for many people - perhaps some beauty tips for graduation looks?
- a piece about cruelty free makeup
- tips for keeping your makeup in place during this heat!

- skincare routine for hot weather

absolutely anything you want to write about would be SO appreciated! just message me 

Sarah Goodyer
  • The cost of a cuppa could be going up :o!! Typhoo’s boss has suggested that he may have to raise the price of Typhoo tea to combat the rising costs as a result of the Brexit vote. What do you make of this Kettlers?!
  • Opinion: Should Phillip Green have his knighthood removed? If so, why? If not, why not?
  • The European Union and Canada have finally signed a free trade deal, called CETA. What is it, and could a deal like Ceta be the answer to Brexit?
  • Opinion: Why Brexit will be good or seriously bad for the UK economy. 
Lucy Skoulding

1.       Listicle: 10 cultural activities to fill your weekends

2.       News: new chief of Shakespeare’s Globe in London promises more diverse casts (see article on the guardian)

3.       Edinburgh Fringe 2017: anyone who has been/is there, it would be fantastic to get some performance reviews or your thoughts on the Fringe as a whole.

4.       Obituary of Jerry Lewis, comedy king, who has died at the age of 91.

5.       How to get into art: a guide for art amateurs – where to find it and how to build up your knowledge of it (e.g. books, TV shows)

6.       NEW FEATURE: Culture & Me - lets get this new feature off the ground - write about a recent cultural activity, event or experience you have done. This could be a place you visited or an exibition you attended, for example. What did you think about it, what happened, and would you recommend it to others?

7.     August reviews of exhibitions, plays, shows, events, games, art displays and anything else culture-related.

So much could fit into the Culture section, so please write your own piece if you have an idea. Email me on culture@kettlemag.co.uk or message me on Facebook (Lucy Imogen Skoulding) if you have any questions or want to chat about ideas.  


Current Affairs
Shauna Crossan

- Following the Grenfell Tower tragedy I came across this video. Despite all the "fake news" that social media can attain, there is a lot of truth that comes out on these platforms. Look into her fb etc and see what she is doing to 'bring justice' to the victims.


- The Daily Mail have called the terrorist who ploughed into a crowd of worshipers outside Finsbury Park, "clean shaven." Do you think this is this a problem? Why? The use of "clean-shaven" to be almost sounds like a compliment?

- 3 men attempted to steal £300,000 of avocados this week. 5/7/15 of the most unusual/craziest crimes 

- Ant McPartlin admitting to anxiety, depression and addiction - checking in rehab. What effect can someone of his status have on those who are going through the same thing? 


Alex Jolly
  • Lack of mod support for Fallout 4 and Skyrim remastered on PS4
  • Review of Windscape (key available)
  • Review of Seasons After Fall (key available)
  • Opinion piece "Are consoles holding back gaming?"
Laura Brown
Jenny Edwards
Food & Drink
Chloe Sayers
  • Ketchup- Are meals incomplete without lashings of tomato sauce, or do you think its cheap and nasty? An opinion piece would be good...
  • Volume of salmon exports and sales have increased this year. What salmon recipes/ interesting cooking methods have you got? How can you eat salmon on a student budget (as it is brain food after all!)?
  • The Guardian predicts that Britain will chuck out £428m of BBQ food in August alone. How can we avoid this happening? What do you do with leftover barbie food?
  • Raspberries- What do you think of them? How can you spruce them up e.g. in desserts?
  • As always, reviews and recipes are great!
Millie Finn

1. Your favourite memes from twitter right now, is it a relatable one about the recent Love Island hype or is it one of a cat jumping at a tortoise that never fails to cheer you up...


2. 3 tips for getting through this humid weather in typically British surroundings, whether in a stuffy office or cramped library...


3. 5 Frivlous highlights of 2017 so far. The year has gone so fast that the first seven months need to be marked, pick frivolous and funny highlights of the celeb world, political world, social world, whatever you want!


4. Your chance to rant: talk about one of your opinions considered really unpopular by your friends. Whether it be that avocados really aren't that great, or that you really just don't get why everyone fancies Ryan Reynolds. Justify your opinion on something frivolous!


5. Top 5 favourite and frivolous things about being British? (Use www.verybritishproblems.com for inspiration and twitter account @SoVeryBritish )

  • Online porn - it's so easy to find and access, should more steps be taken to make it harder for kids to access?
  • Exactly what is going on in Venezuela?
  • British women's sport is on fire at the moment. Why is there so little coverage of it?
  • iPhone 8 - what does Apple's new handset have in store for us?
  • Jeremy Hunt - how does this man still have a job?
Hannah Lewis

If you fancy any of these suggestions, or if you have any other ideas for an article of health/fitness/nutrition/mental health, please get in touch!

  •  The danger of Crash Cleansing: Why we should avoid fad diets in the new year
  • Super foods of 2017: Avocado, Sweet potato, cauliflower rice… How can we incorporate these superfoods into our diets?
  • Are you drinking enough water? Why is 75% of the population dehydrated?
  • *NEW FEATURE* Mental Health 101

A space for you to share personal experiences, provide tips and tricks and bust myths surrounding mental health issues.

  • *NEW FEATURE* My Health and Fitness….

A chance for our editors to share their top tips to staying fit and healthy. Article will be in a Q & A format so message me if you want to get involved!

*The usual features...*

  • Kettle Tries….

A review of a trial of any new sport/diet/supplement/medication you have tried. (I’m currently writing one on my experience trying Yoga for the first time).


  • Not so embarrassing bodies:


Choose an ailment/invisible illness that is usually a cause of embarrassment and eradicate the stigma attached I’m writing one at the moment about my lack of sense of smell (it’s true!) Anything similar please share your ideas.

  • My Fitness Journey:

Share your own personal story about how you got into fitness, the impact it had and where you are now compared to where you were. I’ve just finished one about how I got into exercise at the beginning of summer and how this helped my mental health also.



Abigail Porter

LGBT Suggestions!


  • Happy Pride Month! What Pride events are you attending? And is there a chance of a write up?! I’ll be doing London Pride (which I’m super excited about).
  • As well as a review/account of the day, it would also be nice for an article on brands and companies who have used Pride on their product. For example, in America, McDonalds have a rainbow on the back of their fries carton, there is now a rainbow themed Apple Watch band.
  • What does the DUP mean for LGBT+ people? How successful will they actually be with implementing their values?
  • 45 LGBT+ people in parliament! This is a huge number and the representation is amazing! Is this a big deal though? A piece on why it is or isn’t important to have representation (could include women of colour too) in Parliament.
  • Orlando Shooting A Year On… - where the victims are/what we’ve learnt from LGBT related violence.
  • I thought this article was sweet so a write up would be great. The lack of representation of, well anyone, in high schools in the US or even schools over here. http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2017/06/07/high-school-principal-comes-out-as-trans-in-beautiful-letter-to-families/


As always, email me on abigail.porter@hotmail.co.uk or message me on Facebook Abigail Porter! Happy to accept any other ideas you might have for this section whether you identify as a part of the community or not!


Here are the media suggestions for WB 21 August. To grab one of these or if you've got any questions email me!

Also still looking for people to do paper reviews and interviews - if you're interested get in touch. 

  • In honour of Wimbledon, how about 5/7/10 songs about sports? This could be quite a fun one to do!
  • Sweden is set to hold a women-only festival in protest against violence and sexual assault at festivals. Thoughts?
  • Top 5 songs/albums/artists you may have overlooked from the first half of 2017
  • Band/Artist of the Week.
  • Reviews!
William Sancroft

The government has promised over £1bn of extra funding for education but has the damage, from austerity cuts, already been done?

Tony Blair has raised his head again to give another interview detailing his thoughts on Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May. Should ex PM's not give media appearances which could sway current political decisions and the electorate?

Theresa May was left embarrassed after the general election but has seen the content of cabinet meetings leaked to the press. Is it time she really considered her position?

David Davis has been accused of "skulking" away from Brexit talks as he was pictured without notes at a meeting. He also left just a few hours later, much earlier than expected. Review Brexit talks so far and is David Davis really the man that should be leading negotiations?

An investigation has opened into the abuse that MP's receive from online trolls. Diane Abbott has received racist and sexist abuse in digital form saying prior to the invention of the internet, someone had to walk and post a letter to deliver their abuse - now they just sit at home. Should more be done to police internet sites to reduce the amount of abuse our representatives get?

If you have any other ideas please don’t hesitate to contact me at politics@kettlemag.co.uk


Alex Brock
  • SpaceX: What's the story behind the SpaceX rocket explosion? What does this mean for the future of the space industry?
  • Female astronauts: In the aftermath of Tim Peake's mission to the International Space Station, what are 5/7/9 female astronauts that everyone should be aware of?
  • Paris Climate Deal: In a breakthrough moment, both the US and China have agreed to ratify the Paris climate deal- why is this being hailed as a key moment in the battle against climate change?
  • Bee Extinction: Species of bee are being added to the endangered list. Why is this happening and what will the consequences actually be if the world loses the bumblebee?


Sex & Relationships
Social Media
Emily Simms
Student Life
Charlie Bradford-Gibbs

Week commencing 14/08

  • Top tips for writing a personal statement
  • What to consider when picking a university (top tips, 3, 5, 10 things etc)
  • Life hacks - what lectures won't teach you but uni will
  • Why you should consider a year abroad
  • The pressure of uni / school - the pros & cons of pressure, why it's okay to fail etc...(think grades, expectations, motivation etc)
  • Results day advice - how to prepare yourself, what to do if you don't get in, useful websites etc


This is intended to be a weekly/bi-weekly feature which gives a glimpse into the life of Kettle writers. The outline below is very basic, as I want to ensure that each piece is written in a personal style.

Section 1 - introduce yourself, what course you're on, what year, what uni etc

Section 2 - why you chose that course/uni/city, what you like about it, what you'd suggest for others planning to study inyour uni/city/course

Section 3 - opinions on typical uni things e.g. living in halls - did you do it? are you still in halls? freshers week - what you thought of it, where you went out in your city etc

Have fun with this, write it lightheartedly and in your own style. Enjoy!


Don't hesitate to contact me with any queries... email - chrlgbbs8@gmail.com, twitter - @chrlgbbs


Position vacant - apply here

- The flatform trend and how to wear them
- The best fashion destinations for this summer
- Alternatives to dresses for summer
- White, the shade of this season
- The best and chicest swimwear



Sophia Bi

· How to deal with long haul flights

· Are you an airport lover or hater?

· Becoming an Executive Club Member, is it worth it?

· Things to know before you go backpacking

·  More guides/reviews on holidays and places to travel to

Tayler Finnegan

The Great British Bake Off will return on Tuesday 29 August. Who are the new hosts and judges, and what can we expect from the show now it has moved to Channel 4? Also- if anyone would like to be a 'Bake Off correspondent' and review each weekly episode, let me know!

Strictly Come Dancing: by the end of today, all contestants will have been revealed. Who will be taking to the dancefloor this year?

Doctor Foster: the drama will return for a second series later this year. Recap the first

JK Rowling's novel The Cuckoo's Calling will be adapted for a BBC series. A trailer has been released so what can we expect?

5/7 best TV adaptations of novels 



If you would like to write any of these, or have any other pieces you'd like to do, please email me at tv@kettlemag.co.uk

Rita Cunha
Victoria Blake

New Topics.

*As always, feel free to come up with whatever you would like to write about too. Just email or comment here or message me and we'll figure something out  *

I would like to start a list of country profiles per Leon's recommendation. If you are from the listed countries at the bottom, we can do a spotlight series on what it is like to live and study there. What are you seeing in your home country that may not be covered much by outsiders?

G20. Discuss.

More on the recent tech hack http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-40530316

CNN and the Russia scandal http://variety.com/…/cnn-3-journalists-donald-trump-resign…/

UK, France, Belgium, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Albania, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Italy, Portugal, Spain

-Suggest a story if you'd like or new series. Its summer, and for the most part I am free until August. 

Also, if you would like i am @victoriablake22 on twitter!