Sarah Goodyer

Journalism and English student and Music Industries Management graduate. 

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Why is everyone crazy about popcorn?
Popcorn used to be the default cinema snack. You never watched a film without it. But nowadays popcorn isn’t just for the cinema and everyone is going crazy over the supposedly healthier snack alternative and its new wacky flavours.
Universities should make switching courses easier
Sarah Goodyer shares why universities need to make switching courses easier for students who aren't happy with their first choice.
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Checking Out The Classics: Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
Business editor Sarah Goodyer reviews 'Great Expectations' by Charles Dickens.
Kettlemag Sarah Goodyer Uefa Euro 2016
The funniest tweets of Euro 2016
Euro 2016 would have been nothing without the witty remarks of the Twittersphere. Sarah Goodyer takes a look at the funniest tweets of the Euros so far.
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Album Review: By Default by Band of Skulls
Sarah Goodyer reviews Band of Skulls' fourth album By Default.