Sally Rohleder

I'm a self-published novelist, occasional poet and soul/gospel singer from East London, with a passion for 1960s fashion and design. Love to read, dance, cook and hula-hoop - though not simultaneously. Travelling, meeting people, spontaneity and letting my imagination run free, fuels my lust for life. My saga is available on Kindle and hard copy through Amazon under 'Sallyann Rohleder' and I'm a creative writing graduate from UEL. 

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Review: The Girls by Emma Cline
Sally Rohleder reviews 'The Girls' by Emma Cline.
 Unscrupulous employers and the National Living Wage, kettle mag, sally rohedler
Unscrupulous employers and the National Living Wage
Sally Rohedler describes her experience with unscrupulous employers and offers some valuable advice