Phil Hill

24 year old, trainer wearing, Dr. Pepper drinking, tattoo loving, amateur photographer. 

CALM Volunteer.

Oh, and I love to write blogs!







Contributor’s Recent Activities

We need to stop saying 'man up'
Phil explores the phenomena of male suicide, and why society could be contributing to the problem...
London bus, public transport, manners, Kettle Mag, Phil Hill
Public Transport manners, or the lack of!
Phil Hill tells Kettle Mag what she'd like to shout at public transport users regarding their manners, in the politest way possible, of course...
sex sign
The Truth About Anal Sex
Phil Hill asks the question on everybody's mind "does it hurt?". The truth about anal sex.
Kettlemag London Marathon
The London Marathon: A Spectators Perspective
Phil Hill reports on the highs of being a supporter at last week's London Marathon
kettlemag Phil Hill tipping
To tip or not to tip: That is the question!
Should we feel obliged to tip? Phil Hill offers her opinion.