Joshua A.P

Hi! I'm Josh. Mainly I write about books for Kettle, but sometimes I write about other things like music as well.

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What TV is shaping up to be in 2017
Already through press releases and other information released by broadcasters, we know a great deal about telly in 2017. But what's going where and what should you be looking out for? Josh takes a look.
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Instagram unveils new features
Instagram has gone far beyond just a platform to share pictures. Yesterday they announced two new features and Josh takes a look at them.
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3 musicians who should be played more
Josh selects three musicians who he doesn't think are heard enough to recommend to you.
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Spectacles and the new Snapchat
Snapchat as a company renames itself to Snap and unveils it's first piece of hardware. What's it all about?
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Apple's September event: what happened?
Apple announced some new products this month at an event in San Francisco. Josh has a look to see what got unveiled.