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postcoital cigarette, kettlemag,
Can E-Cigarettes really improve the sex life of smokers?
Should you replace the postcoital cigarette with an e-cigarette?
Great destinations for a group Summer holiday
A group holiday with uni friends is a great way to celebrate the end of the academic year - here are some tips for a successful adventure.
Which car could you afford, kettle mag
Which car could you afford?
New tool created which lets millennials see what car they could afford if they sacrificed elements of their lavish lifestyles
student job, kettle mag,
Working during your studies- The dos and don’ts
Here are some tips on how to find a good balance between work and study and some of the things you avoid doing.
furniture prenup, kettle mag
Adding to the list of weird prenuptial agreements – The “furniture prenup form”
The Furniture Market, have introduced a “furniture prenup form” – suitable for anyone worried about the potential of losing their most prized possessions during a break up.