May Loonam


Journalism Studies graduate from The University of Sheffield

Contributor’s Recent Activities

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Supporting your parent in their remarriage
May Loonam considers reactions on supporting a parent in a decision to remarry.
teatox, social media, culture, health, May Loonam, Kettle Mag
The social media teatox
May Loonam looks at the Teatox trend and how social media is driving it.
EMDR: An integrative approach
May interviews Dr Deborah Kingston about this new and innovative therapy...
How mobile dating has changed the way we meet people
Writer May Loonam shares her thoughts on how technology has changes how we meet new people.
Kylie Lip Kits: Cute or a Con?
She brings out new shades every five minutes, they sell out in less than six. So what's the deal with Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit range? May Loonam asks, are they really worth it?