Lucy Pegg

English Literature student at Sussex University. Loves books, politics, baking and sleeping

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Social media can help journalism, not just hinder it
In the aftermath of the US election, much anger has been turned towards social media's influence of journalism. Lucy Pegg explores whether journalists can actually use the likes of Facebook and Twitter to report news more effectively?
Gerda Wegener - Kettle Mag
Behind the Danish Girl: Gerda Wegener's queer art
We explore the art of Gerda Wegener and its portrayal of queer sexualities. Though her spouse, Lili Elbe, is the focus of The Danish Girl, Wegener's art also depicts gender in a radical and challenging light
Sexuality 101: Intersex - Kettle Mag, Lucy Pegg
Sexuality 101: Intersex
What does intersex mean, and why do we know so little about it? In the second edition of Sexuality 101 we'll find out all that and more.
Sexuality 101: LGBTQIA
Welcome to Sexuality 101, where Kettle will help explain to the uninitiated the plethora of language and terminology that surrounds sexuality. To get started we give you the run-down on the acronym LGBTQIA
When will the UK get its first LGBTQ+ Prime Minister?
As the Conservative leadership contest reveals we'll be getting another female Prime Minister, Lucy Pegg explores when we might find 10 Downing Street occupied by an LGBTQ+ politician.