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Tramlines 2017 Review Tramlines Festival
The days after Tramlines is a day people spend it with a hangover, posting pics from the weekend on Instagram and reminiscing about the next time. That’s probably a very common reaction within festival-goers around Britain, but what this year’s Tramlines leaves behind is not a memory of muddy shoes or uncomfortable sleeping bags. It’s...
Tramlines Festival Preview 19442001_10159014188945085_6512787003717763281_o.jpg
The Steel City, otherwise known as Sheffield, will be host to Tramlines Festival for its ninth time this year. A total of 5 stages with over 70 genre-spanning acts will take over the city from Friday 21st July to Sunday 23rd July. Tramlines calls itself a ‘no-mud, no-camping hassle’ festival in the heart of the fourth...