Lauren Wise

NCTJ Journalism student, English Literature graduate and music lover. Covering everything from the best reads to brand new music.

Contributor’s Recent Activities

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Bridget Christie presents an evening of feminism, Brexit and botany
Books editor Lauren Wise reviews Bridget Christie's 'Because You Demanded It' tour at the Liverpool Playhouse Theatre.
KettleMag, Lauren Wise, The Vegetarian, Han Kang, Review
Review: The Vegetarian by Han Kang
A look at Han Kang's novel The Vegetarian.
KettleMag, Lauren Wise, #EVERYWOMAN, Gloria Steinem, Books, Feminism
#EVERYWOMAN: Donating Books in Exchange for Female Inspirations
Lauren Wise explains exactly what the #EVERYWOMAN campaign is, and how you can get involved.
Lauren Wise, Kettle Mag, Mud, Strongbow and Music: Remembering Leeds Fest 2016
Mud, Strongbow and Music: Remembering Leeds Fest 2016
Lauren Wise revisits some of the summer's best music acts to help festival lovers get through the winter months.
Kettle Mag, Lauren Wise, The Paywall, Piggy Bank, The Sun, The Times, The Guardian, Ad block
The Paywall Explained
Kettle's media editor Lauren Wise takes a look at the effect of the paywall on news sites, and whether taking it down was the right decision for The Sun.