Laura Hackshaw

22 year old writer from London. Writing is my way of righting. 

Contributor’s Recent Activities

Harvey Wienstein, kettle mag
#MeToo: Sexual harassment at work in the wake of the Weinstein scandal
Laura Hackshaw considers the implications of #MeToo and how the campaign relates to her own experiences.
Why Rihanna’s new cosmetics symbolises so much more than just a make-up line
Rihanna’s launch of her new cosmetics line: Fenty Beauty, represents so much more than just another beautiful celebrity with clout, money and a strong brand who is here to sell us one more foundation that we don't need
LGBTQ community, Donald Trump, United States, Laura Hackshaw, Kettle Mag
Donald Trump and the LGBTQ community
Laura Hackshaw reflects on the state of the rights of LGBTQ people after the election of President Trump.
How to Deep Condition Your Hair - with Non-Toxic Ingredients!
Laura Hackshaw gives an easy 5-step alternative to shop bought hair conditioner.
Zadie Smith, NW, TV, Kettle Mag, Laura Hackshaw
Zadie Smith's NW: A Tale of Symbolism
Laura Hackshaw looks at the symbolism of class, race and gender in Zadie Smith's book-to-TV adaptation of NW.