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Women's Euros Upset
With four teams left to play it out for the title who will win?
Kettle Mag, Kirsty McFarlane, football, Germany
German Dominance
Kirsty McFarlane looks at recent German success and wonders what it means for their future dominance
Women's Championship League, football, Kirsty McFarlane, Kettle Mag
French or French: Who won the Women's Champions League Final?
Kirsty McFarlane reviews the recent Women's Champions League Final between Lyon and PSG
Champions League, final, football, Kirsty McFarlane, Kettle Mag
Preview: Champions League Final
Football writer Kirsty McFarlane takes a look at the upcoming European final between Juventus and Real Madrid.
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Scotland, England and the World Cup
Kirsty McFarlane looks at the international football rivalry between Scotland and England.