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Lethal VR, review, Light Gun, entertainment, gaming, Kettle Mag, Holly Jane
Lethal VR review - duel wielding fun
Has the Light Gun genre finally returned? Holly Jane reviews.
Windscape, Preview, RPG, Game, Gaming, Entertainment, Holly Jane, Kettle Mag
Windscape preview - One to watch
Windscape is a very promising RPG, but it currently doesn't justify a purchase.
Seasons After Fall, Review, Swing Swing Submarine, Game, Gaming, Entertainment, Kettle Mag
Seasons After Fall review - Beautiful but ultimately leaves you wanting
Swing Swing Submarine has created a outstanding looking game, that sadly outstays its welcome.
SEUM, Speedrunners from Hell, Review, Pine Studios, Gaming, Entertainment, Kettle Mag
SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell Review
Devilishly good fun from Pine Studio's first release.