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Triumph, Bonneville, race, motoring, Euan Antona, Kettle Mag
Triumph aim for 400mph Motorcycle Land Speed Record
With the record ride expected next week, Motoring Editor Euan Antona reports on the final preparations ahead of the run.
Geneva, 2016, cars, motoring, Geneva Motor Show, Kettle Mag, Euan Antona
Geneva Motor Show 2016 - What came good?
After looking at the gossip back in January, Motoring Editor Euan Antona explores whether those rumours have become reality ahead of the Geneva Motor Show starting this week.
2006, cars, 10th anniversary, motoring, kettle mag, euan antona
Turning back time: 2006
With the Arctic Monkeys' debut and Borat celebrating their 10th anniversaries, motoring editor Euan Antona looks back on all things cars from 2006.
DeLorean, car, Back to the Future, iconic, motoring, kettle mag, euan antona
Great Scott! The return of the DeLorean DMC-12
Good news for all DeLorean fans, the stainless steel legend is returning to the road. Motoring editor Euan Antona gives us all the news.
Geneva, 2016, Rumours, Cars, Motoring, Kettle Mag, Euan Antona
Geneva 2016: The rumours
The 2016 Geneva Motor Show may still be over 2 months away, but it's not stopping a whole array of rumours and reveals about potential new cars hitting the news. Motoring editor Euan Antona rounds up the best of the rumours.