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do books make good gifts
Are books the best gift to give?
Kettle writer Emily Simms discusses the pros and cons of giving books as gifts.
blogging, guide, beginners, media, Emily Simms, Kettle Mag
A beginner's guide to starting a blog
Emily Simms gives advice on how to start a blog.
Vapiano card
Review: Vapiano
Kettle writer Em shares her thoughts and opinions on the Vapiano restaurant in London.
Review, This Modern Love, Will Darbyshire, Books, Kettle Mag, Emily Simms
Review: this modern love by Will Darbyshire
Emily Simms reviews 'this modern love' by Will Darbyshire.
Fleet Street, London, journalism, media, Emily Simms, Kettle Mag
Fleet Street and the future of British journalism
Emily Simms reflects on the role of Fleet Street in British journalism as the last journalists leave the prominent area previously home to many newspapers.