William Sancroft

My name is William Sancroft, I am 24 and the Political Editor here at Kettle.

I'm a third year journalism student attending Southampton Solent University with a keen interest in politics, global affairs and sports.

I like to write first person pieces about the news that matters most to me and especially have a passion for injustices.

Contributor’s Recent Activities

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The Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland have been chosen, with their 10 elected seats, to enter into an agreement with the Conservatives and prop up a weak and wobbly government. Many do not know who this party is and what they stand for, so here are some key points that should be known about Theresa May’s new best friends.
The £1 billion handout
The Conservatives found themselves bent over a barrel at the end of election night. Losing a majority and the opposition making massive gains is quite literally the opposite of what everyone expected.
10 downing street, kettle mag,
She's staying, come what May
On Thursday over 30 million people took to the polls in the largest turnout since 1992. Theresa May called a snap election, confident that she would be increasing her party’s majority and ending Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership once and for all. Unfortunately for Mrs May, it all came crashing down with a resounding bang.
Jeremy Corbyn, students, tuition, politics, William Sancroft, Kettle Mag
Corbyn's debt free vision
Political editor William Sancroft considers the implications of Jeremy Corbyn's plans for student tuition fee debt.
Jeremy Corbyn, Labour, politics, William Sancroft, Kettle Mag
What does Labour's manifesto mean for you?
Political editor William Sancroft looks at the manifesto released this week by the Labour Party.