Chloe Sayers

Food and Drink editor for Kettle. NCTJ qualified journalist. 21 and from the South Coast!

Contributor’s Recent Activities

Review: I Sea Pasta
With pasta being a delicious and convenient food, I Sea Pasta created a healthier version that certainly doesn't compromise taste.
Review: Corkcicle Tumbler
Food & Drink Editor Chloe Sayers reviews the Corkcicle Tumbler- an impressive and functional travel cup!
Politics - should it be a compulsory subject at school?
With only 44% of 18-24 year-olds turning up to vote at the 2010 General Election, there seems to be a lack of young people interested in politics. Would teaching it at school help?
Pancake Day - A guide to egg-free pancakes
If you don't have or eat eggs, here is a guide to making pancakes without them. Or if you need a guide to making pancakes this will help!
Discount stores – How to shop for food on a budget
An article with advice on tips to food shop in discount stores