Alex Veeneman

I'm one of Kettle's Managing Editors, as well as a contributing writer for the site.

I write about British media and journalism, as well as on current affairs and culture. I am also interested in the future of radio in the UK, particularly the role of the BBC and public service broadcasting.

I have been contributing and editing for Kettle since April 2012.

I'd love to hear from you. You can email me or reach me via Twitter at the username below.

Contributor’s Recent Activities

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Reflections on the collaborative spirit
Alex Veeneman considers how the collaborative spirit can help you make an important contribution to the media industry.
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Why women's ideas must be equal in journalism
Alex Veeneman considers the role of ideas in helping navigate a career in journalism, and why ideas from women are important to journalism's future.
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John Peel and the search for authenticity
Alex Veeneman considers the lessons Radio 1 DJ John Peel has for those who aspire to work in the media.
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The world needs journalism (and Public Editors)
As the New York Times closes their Public Editor post, Alex Veeneman considers why such roles are so important for journalism.
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Five tips for a quality dissertation
Need some help developing a quality dissertation? Alex Veeneman has some advice.