Lara Davidson was born in London but raised in bonny Scotland and has spent the majority of her youth in Glasgow and Edinburgh. After graduating with an MA Hons Psychology degree in her home country at The University of Edinburgh, she decided to flee the nest and pursue a life South of the Border. Lara moved to London in 2017 and is currently enrolled in the Advertising & Public Relations Master’s degree at Richmond, The American International University. Having experienced university and working life in both nations, Lara decided to embark on a professional research journey in order to determine what it is like being a “Scottish Londoner”. The following article is part of said dissertation.

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Guide to being a “Scottish Londoner” Guide to living in London
Here are 10 things to consider when moving to London as a prospective student/graduate Three words. Do. Your. Research... and then some more Ensure that London is somewhere you can envisage yourself living. You need to be prepared for how fast-paced the city is and what comes with being in a huge metropolis. Whether it...