Pleats Please

Written by vincyhan

When I wrapped myself up with a massive scarf this morning, I immediately realised that winter is coming. The temperature is certainly dropping, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up wearing skirts.

A long pleated skirt can be the perfect solution to both keep you warm and make you stylish. If you happened to be like me who constantly faces dilemmas choosing what to wear, then adding a pleated skirt to your closet would certainly save you from all those struggles.


A pleated skirt and a simple plain white shirt goes perfect together like hummus and pita bread. The pleats definitely glam up the entire outfit, in the most straightforward yet sophisticated way. Striving to dress like a fashion blogger?  White top, pleated skirt, pair of nice shoes and you are one immediately. Simple as that.

Personally speaking, one characteristic I valued the most while buying a piece is its potential to fit in all occasion.  From classroom, office to a meeting with friends and a semi-formal event.    


Fear about the pleats being too casual for daily office apparel?

Opting for leather texture pleats and a crisp white shirt makes you both fashion forward and office appropriate. Still think it would be too relaxed for office? Team the outfit with heels, further accentuating the elegance and sophistication within you. 

Velvet textured or bright coloured pleats can instantly add some extra fun and glamour on any outfit. They are a bold statement piece perfect for parties- while the velvet ones inevitably adds some vintage charm, the bright coloured ones bring out the girly spirit inside you. 

If what you are after is a chic and effortless style, believe it or not- pleated skirt can also be your best friend. Pairing it with a pair of ankle boots and accessorising a choker as necklace, you will get that ‘cool girl’ vibe in no time.

It might sound too good to be true that pleated skirts have such power to make one look so good so simple. Well definitely give them a try this season and you will find out that nothing else makes you look more chill in this mild winter chills than those lovely pleats.