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Kettle’s printed, student magazine is written by student journalists from around the UK. In addition to the incredible content that Kettle produces online, we also create a printed student magazine. The magazine is published every quarter and some editions have a unique theme. Some of the articles can also be found on the website but most of it is unique to the magazine.

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This edition is packed with all kinds of fabulous articles, including:

  • How and why you should use less plastic
  • Olivier award winner and star of Hamilton, Giles Terrera
  • Has Instagram changed the way we holiday?
  • Hate to Love Island – the dark side of reality TV
  • Where are they now – former Kettle Editor, Lindsay Dodgson

And for journalism students we have:

  • How to report on a murder
  • Career advice from several seasoned journalists
  • How to find your niche as a journalist
  • A guide to having a great social media presence
  • Does journalism have an “Image problem“?

…and soooo much more besides.

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If you want to subscribe to the magazine on Patreon, we’ll throw in some other goodies, too.

Order your copy now and a lovely postal worker will schloop it onto your front door mat in a few days time :o)



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