Kettle Magazine - written by student journalists

Kettle Magazine - written by student journalists

In addition to the incredible content that Kettle produces online, we also create a printed magazine. Some of the content can also be found on the website but some of it is unique to the magazine.

The magazines are published every few months and each has a unique theme.



This is the frist printed edition of the 2017 and cerainly one of the best editions we've ever published. Contents includes articles writtne by Kettle writers and editors as well as some special guest writers.

  • Interview with C4 News' Cathy Newman on women in journalism
  • Graphic designer and illustrator, Rob Turpin on his fantasy buildings, spaceships and robots.
  • The New Stateman's Julie Rampen on modern political journalism
  • The White House's relationship with the US media
  • Dele Ali - the sky's the limit.
  • Plus looooaaaads more!

..and there's a free £15 UBER journey for every reader

Order your copy now and a lovely postal worker will schloop it onto your front door mat in a few days time :o)