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Noozie, Noozie Comfort, Noozie Pebble, Kettle Magazine
Noozie Comfort Pebble review
Chloe Smith reviews the Noozie Comfort Pebble
Virtual reality is being used in new car designs
Ford is now using virtual reality to design new vehicles
Jamie Mercer looks at Ford's virtual reality announcement at Microsoft Ignite 2017 and explores how it will work.
DevOps: The new role changing the world of computing
Jamie Mercer looks at the newly emerging world of DevOps, what it is and what it means for technology roles.
Technology, employment, career, Jamie Mercer, Kettle Mag
Five reasons to consider a job in tech
Jamie Mercer explores why now is a great time to consider a career in technology.
computer, programming, Java, technology, Jamie Mercer, Kettle Mag
The history of the Java programming language
Jamie Mercer looks at the history of the Java programming language, as it celebrates its 22nd birthday.
women, technology, jobs, employment, Jamie Mercer, Kettle Mag
Why are there so few women in tech jobs?
Jamie Mercer looks at why there are less women working in tech and what can be done to fix it.
Five things to know before purchasing a safe, kettlemag,
Five things to know before purchasing a safe
Calling all security safe novices! The safes out there that you’ll use to secure your items have never offered so much variety. Learn which safe is best for you in this safe guide.
integrated systems europe, kettle mag
Integrated Systems Europe 2017 Roundup
The annual Integrated System Europe (ISE) recently took place at the RAI Amsterdam and is the largest AV (Audio Visual) systems integration show in the world
EMV cards, security, fraud, kettle mag
How EMV chip cards combat counterfeit fraud
The security and convenience being offered by the use of EMV cards compared to magnetic stripe cards is incredible
Instagram, social media, technology, Josh, Kettle Mag
Instagram unveils new features
Instagram has gone far beyond just a platform to share pictures. Yesterday they announced two new features and Josh takes a look at them.