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3 ways that students can earn money on the side
How students can make money on the side (without compromising on their studies).
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Top tips for saving money as a student
Using these tips will ensure that you do not end up starving at the end of term and unable to afford to go out and have any fun.
7 things to know before your work experience
Emma Thompson spills her top tips to anyone starting work experience.
Top tips for moving into student housing
Worrying about student housing? Jenny Edwards gives her top tips to put your mind at ease.
Halls: the Good, the Bad, and the (really) Ugly
For prospective freshers one of the most important decisions to be made is where you're going to live. Halls of residence are often a popular choice, but what are they really like? Charlie Bradford-Gibbs gives us an insight...
Student mental health: is help really available?
Student life editor Charlie Bradford-Gibbs discusses her experience with university mental health services.
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Working during your studies- The dos and don’ts
Here are some tips on how to find a good balance between work and study and some of the things you avoid doing.
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The end of the student experience
Alex Ramsden reflects on the transition from student to post graduate, and what happens from here.
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How the Ssshake app can help you network
Nour Hassaine looks at the new app Ssshake and what it means for creativity and collaboration.
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Five tips for a quality dissertation
Need some help developing a quality dissertation? Alex Veeneman has some advice.