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What does Facebook's newsfeed change really mean by Kasia Kwasniewska
Pivot to friends and family: What does Facebook's newsfeed change really mean?
The company has announced that they’ll be boosting content produced by our family and friends instead of media institutions and brands, and unsurprisingly, users are confused.
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My thoughts on #MeToo
#MeToo was (and still is) a social movement that became associated with the Harvey Weinstein assault allegations that emerged recently. Originally started 10 years go by activist Tarana Burke, #MeToo aims to raise awareness of the magnitude of the problem of sexual harassment, assault and rape among both men and women. The phrase recently came to light due to actress Alyssa Milano tweeting “if you’ve been sexually harasses or assaulted write ‘me too’ as a reply to this tweet’.
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Three spooky podcasts you should listen to
Jenny Edwards looks at three spooky podcasts that are worth a listen.
social media, health, culture, Lauren Johnston, Kettle Mag
In defence of social media
With social media in the spotlight, Lauren Johnston pinpoints what it is that makes us feel bad and reminds us that networking sites are only what we make them.
Social media icons, mental health, Cameron Ridgway, Kettle Mag
The effect of social media on mental health
Cameron Ridgway considers the findings of a new report on the relation between social media use and mental health.
Brexit, EU Referendum, Young People, Social Media, Politics, Engagement, Kettle Mag, Helen Vipond
What we’ve Learned from Brexit: Young People, Social Media and Political Engagement
Helen Vipond discusses the effects of the Brexit vote with particular reference to the impact of social media on political engagement with young people.
Twitter, elections, social media, Lucy Slater, Kettle Mag
Can Twitter predict election winners?
Lucy Slater discusses the influence social media has over politics in the run up to the American election.
Instagram, social media, celebrities, privacy, Isabelle Miller, Kettle Mag
Social media: Unrealistic goals and lost privacy
Isabelle Miller considers the implications of social media platforms like Instagram on the privacy of celebrities.
Twitter, Sadiq Khan, London, victory, mayor, election, social media, kettle mag, Emily Davis
Twitter reacts to Sadiq Khan's London victory
Social Media Editor Emily Davis assesses Twitter's reaction to Sadiq Khan's London victory.
Rob and Helen, The Archers, social media, Naomi Duffree, Kettle Mag
The night The Archers broke Twitter
The domestic abuse storyline which has unfolded over the past two and a half years in The Archers finally came to head on Sunday night. And it was not only the Titchener family that broke down. Naomi Duffree finds out how Twitter reacted.