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Dealing With Anxiety At University
Struggling to manage your anxiety as a student? Rosina Chalk gives her top ten tips on how to deal with anxiety effectively whilst at university.
Proposal sparks fury in Tanzania
Tanzanian woman arrested after proposal video goes viral.
Christmas around the world
Christmas traditions around the world
Christmas traditions vary from country to country - here are a few...
Student Fashion; Is the discount worth it?
Our fashion editor, Jasmine Butler went to find out if the student discount it worth it...
The rise of the avocado
From zero to hero, what's its secret?
Wetherspoons, kettle mag
My favourite Wetherspoons
Food & Drink Editor Chloe Sayers shares an experience at her favourite Wetherspoons
charity shop, fashion, kettle mag
Charity shops: Fashionable again.
After discovering the joys of second hand clothing, I won't be going back to high street shops any time soon.
8 Vegan baking recipes to make this Christmas
Before going vegan I was under the impression that I would never really be able to enjoy sweet
food waste, kettle mag
I've bean thinking - we should root for change.
Why does so much food get wasted even before it hits the shelf? Kettle writer Kirstin Barney explores food wastage and how we should change our mindsets towards buying food.
gay marriage, australia, kettle mag
Australia votes yes for same-sex marriage
'Love wins' again as the Australian public historically votes yes for same-sex marriage in the country.