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Greece, Europe, travel, Marie Guglielminetti, Kettle Mag
Getting lost in Greece
Marie Guglielminetti gives us her advice on how to have an awesome holiday in Greece!
Great destinations for a group Summer holiday
A group holiday with uni friends is a great way to celebrate the end of the academic year - here are some tips for a successful adventure.
Student mental health: is help really available?
Student life editor Charlie Bradford-Gibbs discusses her experience with university mental health services.
student job, kettle mag,
Working during your studies- The dos and don’ts
Here are some tips on how to find a good balance between work and study and some of the things you avoid doing.
Paris, France, fashion, museum, style, Cristiana Frunza, Kettle Mag
Paris to have a permanent fashion museum
Wait, Paris doesn't have a fashion museum already?!
The Last Royal Capital
Kinga Szilagyi does a follow up on the rest of her trip to Myanmar in February.
The flatform trend and how to wear it
Have a look at this trend...
Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque, Beirut
Lebanon: Gateway to the Middle East
How to start travelling the Middle East, as a student
fashion, trends, style, spring, summer, Shonagh Mulhern, Kettle Mag
Fashion headliners this festival season
Festival season has finally arrived, as has the latest trends sweeping the gig-going generation of music lovers. So what sort of garments can we expect to see standing out among the crowd this year? *Cues drumroll* And the line up is..
graduate, student life, transition, Alex Ramsden, Kettle Mag
The end of the student experience
Alex Ramsden reflects on the transition from student to post graduate, and what happens from here.