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A worrying 57% of students studying in Portsmouth neglect signing-up to a new local doctor when moving to university
New research analysed student perceptions of registering with a new local doctor when they move away from home to attend University
Mykonons, kettle mag
A Guide to the Greek Party Island – Mykonos
Mykonos isn’t just a party destination; this gorgeous Greek island has a host of activities to make it the best holiday imaginable for you and your friends
Why Rihanna’s new cosmetics symbolises so much more than just a make-up line
Rihanna’s launch of her new cosmetics line: Fenty Beauty, represents so much more than just another beautiful celebrity with clout, money and a strong brand who is here to sell us one more foundation that we don't need
It’s okay to not enjoy Freshers’ week – University can still be the best years of your life
Worried about Freshers' week? Becca McAuley reassures you about the pressure to enjoy your first week of university, and why it's okay if it's not your idea of fun
Tapas, Kettle amg
The perfect dishes to choose to do tapas properly 
Your friend has suggested going out for tapas. You’ve never been before. What do you pick? What do you like? What even is tapas?
University of Salford, Kettle mag
My degree at the University of Salford
Student Life editor Charlie Bradford-Gibbs discusses her views, opinions, and experiences of university in our brand new student life feature - Personal Profiles.
Autumn Fashion, Kettle mag
5 fabulous Autumn investments
Ready, set, shop! Autumn fashion is here.
toner, skincare, beauty, lifestyle, James Smith, Kettle Mag
Essentials of a Healthy and Professional Beauty Routine
James Smith offers advice that should be part of a professional beauty routine.
The strangest things sent in the post in 2017
From a fully plated Roast dinner to human teeth, and even a live goldfish, the British public have shared the strangest items they have recently received through the post.
staycation, kettle mag
9 Ways to have a great Staycation
Going on holiday in the UK can be either really great, or potentially the worst and most boring