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4 Ways to Keep Fit Outdoors
How to keep fit outdoors
A worrying 57% of students studying in Portsmouth neglect signing-up to a new local doctor when moving to university
New research analysed student perceptions of registering with a new local doctor when they move away from home to attend University
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35 People share how they look after their Mental Health
Bekka Chaplin uses social media to reach out and ask people how they look after their Mental Health, in the hope that their responses will help others.
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How far do you have to travel to pick up medical prescriptions?
What is the the average distance that people must travel in order to pick up their medical prescriptions. 
Coping with zero hours contract, kettle mag
The relationship between zero hour contracts and poor mental health
Bekka Chaplin investigates the relationship between being on a zero hour contract and poor mental health following research from the UCL Institute of Education.
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The basics of tattoo removal
Tattoo Removal seems like a very normal and common procedure these days, but does everyone know exactly what’s happening when you’re removing your tattoo?
Dissociative Identity Disorder, Kettle Mag
Dissociative identity disorder: when two heads AREN’T better than one
What is Dissociative Identity Disorder? | CBT
STD education, kettlemag
Workplace health – reducing employee STD risk
How Employee Wellness Programmes Benefit from STD Education
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Six surprising benefits of chocolate
Serena Reidy lists six benefits for your health that come from eating chocolate.
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The social media teatox
May Loonam looks at the Teatox trend and how social media is driving it.