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Films to go see in December
The Disaster Artist Release Date: 1st December 2017 The Disaster Artist is a biographical comedy
Films to go see in November
do not miss these films in November
It, kettlemag
Scared 'It-less: how Stephen King's It lives up to the multi-million dollar hype
With a staggering $13.5 million haul in its opening night and a record-breaking $117 million U.S domestic box-office, It really has proven that it has what it takes to be the scariest and most popular horror of 2017, or maybe all time? However, I’m pretty sure the question on everyone lips right now is, why, and how, is It so goddam good? Here, Joseph Bennett delves into how It has started breathing a little life back into the ‘dying’ cinematic box office.
Hollywood court room drama, kettlemag
The whole damn courtroom is out of order! - the seven best Hollywood legal dramas!
We take a look at the seven best courtroom dramas which will change your mind about everything!
Joseph Bennett. It 2017. Kettle Magazine.
Does ‘It’ have what it takes to be the break-out horror film of 2017?
Trailers and teasers for ‘It’ have been dropping like the flies for the past few months, and if the YouTube analytics have anything to say, (with 197 million views in its first 24 hours under its belt), it’s clearly got the internet-a-going. Here, Joseph Bennett gives you the lowdown of just what, and what not, to expect from this terrifying re-imagining of the cult horror classic.
Transformers: The Last Knight Review
If it’s huge robots wielding swords whilst fighting robot dragons and dinosaurs you want… then that’s what you get
Louis Theroux, Sheffield, festival, film, Liam Taft, Kettle Mag
Your guide to Sheffield Doc/Fest
Film editor Liam Taft looks at the Sheffield Doc/Fest, which has attracted the likes of Louis Theroux and Olly Alexander.
Twin Peaks, film, cinema, Matthew Gladstone, Kettle Mag
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me is underrated yet baffling
David Lynch's peculiar 1992 spin-off film is both a Twin Peaks movie and not a Twin Peaks movie. Matthew Gladstone explains.
Bridget Jones, film, culture, Abigail Porter, Kettle Mag
Seven films to watch as a break from revision
Abigail Porter lists her top seven films that are great for a well-needed exam break.
Cannes, France, film festival, releases, Liam Taft, Kettle Mag
Cannes 2017: Five must-see films
New films from Kristen Stewart, David Lynch, and Noah Baumbach are set to make headlines.