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kettle mag,cheating
Why reputable casinos don’t need to cheat
The thought that online casinos are cheating players isn’t new
Kettlemag, Tom Earnshaw, eSports
The professional eSport players
Tom Earnshaw explores the monetisation of playing computer games.
Yooka Laylee review - The Nostalgia Hits Hard
Playtonic Games have hit a note with Yooka-Laylee and it is a good one. As a gamer, I grew up with
Conan Exiles preview - Destruction and Glorious Bloody Battle
I’ve been following Conan Exiles eagerly since its announcement last year. I have fond
Game of the Year, Gaming, Entertainment, List, Kettle Mag, Alex Jolly
Kettle Game of the Year 2016
Entertainment editor Alex Jolly rounds up the nominees for Kettle's best game of the year, with help from the gaming writers' team.
The Game Awards 2016 - Nominees and Winners Full List
It was a great year for video games and that was represented by the diverse cast of games that were
Killing Floor 2 Review - Absolutely Smashing Gorefest
Killing Floor 2 is carnage incarnate. It’s time to get down and enjoy a slick, fast-paced,
Beholder Review
You live in the best country in the world, and other countries are jealous of you. That’s
Black Friday Gaming Deals 2016
Black Friday is upon us and I come to you with a curated list of the best gaming deals!
Political Animals, Review, Game, Gaming, Entertainment, Kettle Mag
Political Animals review - Breaking free from the status quo
We review the game Political Animals and discuss how it is breaking the traditional gaming mould.