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Brexit means Brexit...or does it?
In July of 2016, just days before becoming Prime Minister, Theresa May asserted that 'Brexit means Brexit' and reiterated that Brexit will go on as planned and there will be no attempts to stay in the European Union. Fast forward 15 months, and headway to strike a deal with the EU and manufacture a smooth exit seems doubtful.
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Islamic State defeat in Iraq
Driven out of Hawija: Is the Islamic State down-and-out in Iraq?
What are the vital benefits of wayfinding signage for UK universities
It is critical to understand how Wayfinding Signs are vital for the success and efficiency of universities.
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Baldingate: How one interview highlighted the frustrations of journalism
Kettle's Emily Baker comments on the scandal that ensued after Clare Balding was accused of altering an interview with journalist Ginny Dougary.
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Women in the room – but where did they go?
Throughout the UK, female journalists are generally making less than men. But the gender disparity goes well beyond that.
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Review: The State
Upon reading the defense of ‘The State’ and understanding the making of the drama, I felt it only fair to watch the show itself and give an analysis of the show.
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Simple ways to improve your staff retention
Here are some fairly easy things you can do to help you to retain your staff
Civilian Drone Strike exhibits three drones bombing a house while a child and her dog look in affliction
Banksy’s £205,000 donation to anti arms campaigns will be used to confront the arms trade
Street artist Banksy has donated funds from his latest artwork to Reprieve and Campaign Against Arms Trade.
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Kurdish Withdrawal from Iraq
Following a divisive referendum, is Iraqi Kurdistan set to become an independent state?
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International students provide £25 billion boost to the UK economy
New research conducted by Oxford Economics suggests that international students are a key factor in the UK economy adding billions into regional jobs and businesses.