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How to keep your employees happy at work?
some top tips to ensure your workforce is a happy one.
invest in HR software, Kettle mag
Is it time to invest in HR software?
If you regularly recruit people then perhaps it's time to start using specialist HR software.
Measuring the success of your branded video campaign
Measuring the success of your branded video campaign
A branded video campaign has the ability to boost your brand, whether it’s due to putting out
Educational supplies: kitting out your classroom
Here are a few key things you should remember when you are purchasing school furniture.  
 Unscrupulous employers and the National Living Wage, kettle mag, sally rohedler
Unscrupulous employers and the National Living Wage
Sally Rohedler describes her experience with unscrupulous employers and offers some valuable advice
sending parcel to USA. kettle mag,
Tips for sending parcels to the USA
Here is some great advice for anyone wishing to send parcels to the USA.
sweets as corporate gifts, kettlemag,
Corporate Giveaways: Why do you need them?
The nicest way to say thank you to your clients is by giving them a sugary treat.
Kettle Mag: Charlotte Bradford-Gibbs
Prettier in pink
Charlotte Bradford-Gibbs discusses the changing beliefs surrounding blue for boys and pink for girls.
Kettlemag, Women, Womens History Month, March 2016, Business
The most successful women in business
For Women’s History Month 2016, Sarah Goodyer looks at the women who are thriving in the world of business.
Kettlemag Sam Fearnley Apple iphone sales decline
What do declining iPhone sales mean for Apple?
Sam Fearnley takes a look at what the largest company in the world can do to reverse its sales decline.