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Kettle Mag: Charlotte Bradford-Gibbs
Prettier in pink
Charlotte Bradford-Gibbs discusses the changing beliefs surrounding blue for boys and pink for girls.
Kettlemag, Women, Womens History Month, March 2016, Business
The most successful women in business
For Women’s History Month 2016, Sarah Goodyer looks at the women who are thriving in the world of business.
Kettlemag Sam Fearnley Apple iphone sales decline
What do declining iPhone sales mean for Apple?
Sam Fearnley takes a look at what the largest company in the world can do to reverse its sales decline.
Goldman Sachs donates to the pro-EU campaign
Goldman Sachs, one of the largest investment banks in the world, has reportedly donated a six figure sum to the pro-EU campaign
Renault, Technocentre, factory, police, raid, emissions, scandal, Volkswagen, business, motoring, cars, Kettle Mag, Sam Fearnley
Renault factories are raided by police amid fears of further emission scandals
Though Volkswagen faced the majority of scrutiny after the 2015 emissions scandal, other car manufacturers are far from immune. Business editor Sam Fearnley explores the impact this latest news could mean for the industry.
top, business, stories, 2015, economics, news, kettle mag, kirstie keate
Top business stories of 2015
2015 was another bumpy year for the business and economic world. Business editor Kirstie Keate looks at some of the main stories from the last year.
Kettle Mag, Fiona Carty, Baiji Oil Plant, Iraq, Business, ISIL, money
How does ISIL make money?
ISIL are estimated to have $2bn in reserves, but how does an illegal terrorist organisation make this money? World editor Fiona Carty investigates.
Sam Fearnley, Kettlemag, Iceland, Recovery
Iceland’s Textbook Financial Recovery
Sam Fearnley takes a look at how Iceland dictated its efficient and fair recovery
Sam Fearnley, Business, Kettlemag, steel industry
Britain's steel industry is faltering: what can be done
Steel has been faring worse than many of Britain's other manufacturing industries. Sam Fearnley takes a look at what's has happened, and what can be done.
The Bank of England, Kettlemag, Business, Sam Fearnley
Bank of England report details biggest threats to UK financial stability
Sam Fearnley analyses the Financial Stability report and what it means for the British Economy.