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Nour Hassaine, Gemma Weekes, Love Me, Book Review, Kettle Mag
Review: Love Me by Gemma Weekes
Nour Hassaine reviews 'Love Me' by Gemma Weekes, a 'he loves me, he loves me not' romantic novel that is well worth a read.
Nour Hassaine, KettleMag, Untitled
A creative writing piece by Nour Hassaine about a mysterious letter...
books, films, adaptations, culture, Costanza Pearce, Kettle Mag
Watching film adaptations with an open mind
Costanza Pearce explores how book lovers can enjoy the films that are based on them.
heart, love, Yours Always, books, culture, Holly Jones, Kettle Mag
Book Review: Yours Always
Holly Jones reviews Yours Always, a heartwarming, tear jerking book full of love letters.
books, literature, reading, e-books, culture, Natalie Fordham, Kettle Mag
Why the e-book's decline isn't a bad thing
Natalie Fordham considers what the decline of the e-book says about the role of traditional books.
Stephanie Hallson, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Kettle Mag
Book Review - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Stephanie Hallson reviews The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson.
KettleMag, Favourite Books, Stephanie Hallson
My top 10 favourite nonfiction books
Stephanie Hallson explains why she loves these ten non-fiction books and why you should too.
books, second hand, new, culture, Laura Noakes, Kettle Mag
Second hand versus new books
Laura Noakes considers the pros and cons of second hand and new books - and if one is preferred over the other.
Writing, Creative, Stephanie Hallson, The Darkness, Kettle Mag
The Darkness
An original creative writing piece by Stephanie Hallson.
Kettle Mag, Tim Weaver, Carrie-Jennifer Cairns, Books, March, Book of the Month
March Book of the Month: Broken Heart by Tim Weaver
For March's Book of the Month, Carrie-Jennifer Cairns chose Broken Heart by Tim Weaver. Read on to find out why!