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Follow these 5 YouTube beauty bloggers for the best skin of your life
If you’re tired of reading about beauty and are looking for an easier way to become a skin and beauty pro, then we’ve got just what you’re looking for...
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How to keep your face looking fresh during Freshers
Five simple steps to keep your face looking and feeling great during Freshers Week
Why Rihanna’s new cosmetics symbolises so much more than just a make-up line
Rihanna’s launch of her new cosmetics line: Fenty Beauty, represents so much more than just another beautiful celebrity with clout, money and a strong brand who is here to sell us one more foundation that we don't need
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Essentials of a Healthy and Professional Beauty Routine
James Smith offers advice that should be part of a professional beauty routine.
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Tips for keeping makeup in place during the heat!
Here are some tips to ensure your make-up doesn't get all spoilt in the sunshine
Abigail Vance
Don't let the heat destroy your fleek: tips from an MUA
Shonagh Mulhern chats to beauty influencer and MUA Abigail Vance about keeping your makeup in place in the summer heat.
NARS and their choice to begin testing on animals: the wrong decision
Lucy McLaughlin talks about NARS Cosmetics' decision to start selling in China and why she believes it's wrong
NYX lipsticks cruelty free Leah Walker Kettle Mag
Cruelty free makeup brands you need in your life right now
Article about top beauty brands that are cruelty free with advice on the best products.
Graduation beauty tips
Here are some tips on how to look great for the big day
Gorgeous graduation beauty hacks
If your graduation ceremony is fast approaching and you're stuck for ideas on how to achieve that flawless beauty finish, we've put together a guide on how you can choose a look that will compliment you on the big day.