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Kurdish Withdrawal from Iraq
Following a divisive referendum, is Iraqi Kurdistan set to become an independent state?
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US Senate votes to reduce background checks
The United States Senate has voted to repeal a rule that barred the mentally ill from buying guns. Ryan Fajet reports.
Syrian aid stuck in Turkey
Syrian ceasefire fails to allow aid through to besieged Allepo, Kirstie Keate reports.
Black Lives Matter Protest Closes City Airport Runway
London Met police reported that protesters "locked themselves together" on the runway forcing it to close.
Kettlemag Kirstie Keate Moscow Putin's Bridge
US Sanctions target ‘Putin’s Bridge’ Companies
Kirstie Keate reports on the increased US sanctions against companies involved in the controversial 'Putin's Bridge'
kettlemag Alexander Brock Proxima Centauri
Potential Earth-like planet discovered around our nearest star
Scientists have announced the discovery of a potential Earth-like world orbiting Proxima Centauri, the nearest star to our sun.
kettlemag Beth Jones Amatrice earthquake
Central Italy earthquake leaves at least 73 people dead
Earthquake in Central Italy leaves dozens dead.
Kettlemag Kirstie Keate Timbuktu
First ICC prosecution for war crimes against world heritage site
Amass al-Faqi al-Mahdi will face the first prosecution against an individual for war crimes against a World Heritage site
Nicola Adams retains Olympic title
British boxer Nicola Adams has retained her women's flyweight final in Rio, she is the first
Sian Bradley Kettlemag
Labour clash with courts over new members vote rules
Labour's appeal will be handed down in the Court of Appeal on Friday.