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Eyechart through glasses, Kettle Mag, Lauren Allen
Glasses v. Contact Lenses
Lauren Allen casts a beady eye over the pros and cons of glasses v contact lenses.
Euro 2016 logo - kettlemag, Mathew Drew
Three reasons NOT to watch Euro 2016
The Euros might be hugely exciting for some but for others they can just be seen as one big distraction. Matthew Drew tells you why he will be boycotting the tournament this year.
Clocks, time travel, KettleMag, Fiona Carty
Time travel and the Twitter sphere. Where would you go?
Ever thought about time travel? Would you go to the future or return to times when there were no camera phones? Fiona Carty has been probing twitter...
Beach in sunshine, Emmi Bowles, KettleMag
How to survive the summer: Tips for Gingers
Summer isn't the kindest of months for those with red hair and fair skin, luckily our very own ginger and Lifestyle Editor Emmi Bowles gives her top tips on how to survive the summer months.
Why I would have liked to be Shakespeare's Cleopatra
To commemorate the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death, Rae Coppola discusses Antony and Cleopatra (1606), and why she would have liked to have been the exotic noble Queen.
cats eyes, Naomi Duffree, Kettle Mag
Cat seen as potential hazard by Royal Mail
A health and safety risk assessment has been carried out on a house that contains a cat that likes to snatch at the mail being delivered. Naomi Duffree reports the risks to postal workers from cat, dogs and fleas.
lost sock in tree, Naomi Duffree, KettleMag
Put a sock in it, you monster!
Ever wondered why socks go missing? Naomi Duffree investigates this global phenomenon and asks if the sock Monster really is to blame.
Facepalm, Phil Hill, Kettle Mag
Pet peeves: The bane of my life
In a passionate article Phil Hill lets rip about her pet peeves. Beware your blood pressure - there are things here you won't know annoy you until you've seen them in black and white.
Sophia Bi, travel, frivolity, I Never Knew That, Naomi Duffree, Kettle Mag
I never knew that! With Kettle Travel Editor Sophia Bi
Sophia Bi, travel editor at Kettle Mag, talks about the country she hasn't yet visited, what she does with raw lemons and what would keep her sane on a desert island.
Bekka Chaplin, Health editor Kettle Mag, Naomi Duffree
I never knew that! With Kettle Health Editor Bekka Chaplin
Bekka Chaplin, health editor at Kettle Mag tells all to Frivolity this week. Well, not all, I think she's misleading us about the jelly babies ... but she makes it pretty clear what she thinks of leeks, onions and Jeremy Hunt.