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John Peel, media, radio, Academy, Alex Veeneman, Kettle Mag
John Peel and the search for authenticity
Alex Veeneman considers the lessons Radio 1 DJ John Peel has for those who aspire to work in the media.
talking, mental health, Academy, students, Alex Veeneman, Kettle Mag
All you have to do is talk
Alex Veeneman reflects on why talking is a meaningful way to help with stress and mental health.
graduates, degree, postgrad, university, Gina Clarke, Kettle Mag
Why the journalism MA is still important
Gina Clarke considers why a Master's degree is still essential for entering journalism.
NCTJ programme, studying, journalism career, Cydney Yeates, Kettle Mag
Why an NCTJ programme is a better career move
Cydney Yeates considers why an NCTJ programme is a better way to a journalism career than a Master's degree.
Westminster, political journalism, Academy, Julia Rampen, Kettle Mag
Political journalism in the digital age
Julia Rampen of the New Statesman considers the role of political journalism in the digital age, and what it means for aspiring political correspondents.
Cathy Newman, Channel 4 News, journalism, Alex Veeneman, Kettle Mag
Cathy Newman on women in journalism
Alex Veeneman talks to Channel 4 News presenter Cathy Newman about journalism and what it means to be a woman working in the industry.
Journalist, studying journalism, news, media, Alex Veeneman, Kettle Mag
Why you should study journalism
Alex Veeneman considers why studying journalism remains the best investment.
military, troops, Afghanistan, journalism, Liz Perkins, Kettle Mag
How one assignment can change everything
Liz Perkins of the South Wales Evening Post reflects on the one assignment that impacted her work.
United States, elections, journalism, coverage, Laura Davis, Kettle Mag
US election coverage: A tap away
Covering the American elections for your student media outlet? Laura Davis of the University of Southern California in the US has some tips on mobile friendly apps to help with coverage.
typing, freelance, journalism, career, Ellen Manning, Kettle Mag
Transitioning to freelance journalism
Ellen Manning considers what is crucial when you are starting a freelance career in journalism.