Harrogate is the happiest place to live

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Harrogate, the happiest place to live; Hannah Crofts highlights the reasons why for KettleMag

Rightmove survey reveals that the happiest place to live in Britain is Harrogate, a beautiful town in rural North Yorkshire. 

Property website Rightmove conducted their annual survey, asking 24,000 homeowners to rank where they live, with Harrogate coming out on top for the third year running.


It’s hardly surprising really, wandering around the town,  with it’s cosmopolitan Montpellier quarter, 200 acres of public grassland known as The Stray, and tea shops to die for, this really feels as if it’s been lifted straight from the pages of a children’s storybook. All so enchanting and ever so quaint, Harrogate is definitely a hidden gem among ‘God’s own Country’.


Every tourist or person who lives here is bound to tell you about Bettys Cafe Tea Rooms, and insist you visit for afternoon tea. It’s so popular that it always has people queuing out the door. If you’re wanting to beat the queues though you can always go in the evening and have tea and cakes by candle light, as it’s open until 9pm.


There are other places you can go for a delicious afternoon tea, however, try Mama Doreen’s which is tucked away from the centre of town on Cold Bath Road. Or, stroll past Betty’s and down Parliament Street to trendy coffee shop Hoxton North.


Out of town

Heading to the outskirts of the town you’ll find sprawling meadows, woodlands, and rivers twisting through nearby Nidd Gorge. There’s also Brimham Rocks, a unique set of balancing rock formations that were caused by the melting of the last ice age.

This is Yorkshire, the people here are friendly, and while it might seem it, Harrogate’s really not that posh. Come for the day and I promise, you’ll never want to leave.

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