Get Your Own Back Live at the Edinburgh Fringe: Review

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Get Your Own Back Live, Edinburgh Fringe, angus duncan, kettle mag
Angus Duncan/

The undisputed King of the Gunge makes his Fringe debut in a rip-roaring stage version of the hit TV show.

With 99% of the near-capacity crowd being over 18, you might expect a more ‘adult’ version of the CBBC ratings-buster.

You don’t get that, luckily.

The ‘mature’ audience roar, laugh, clap, and boo with - and without - Benson Phillips’ manic encouragement. You could be forgiven for thinking you’d just come in from school and put the telly on.

The games are daft, the contestants clumsy…and the gunge? Suitably lurid and gunge-y.

Add in a presenter after nothing more than for everyone to have a good time, and you get a remarkably feel-good show.
Tea’s ready.

***** (5/5)


Get Your Own Back: LIVE!

Daily (not 20th) until 31st August at 4.30pm.

Tickets: £13/£12

Venue 14

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