The Devil wears prada series latest instalment coming this year

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The Devil Wears Prada
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THIS IS NOT A DRILL. The highly anticipated next instalment to Lauren Weisberger’s The Devil Wears Prada series is coming this year!

Most of us have read the first two books or watched the film at least, and loved the high fashion, sassy characters and glamour. So it’s only natural that we’re all buzzing for the next instalment.

There’s only one big difference, where the previous novels were from Andy's viewpoint, the latest book called When Life Gives You Lululemons is based on Emily Charlton and her new career as a celebrity image consultant.

when life gives you lululemons new book by lauren weisberger

As part of her new career Emily relocates to Greenwich, Connecticut, to work with a hot client who’s gotten a DUI.

The novel is due out in June 2018, 15 years after the first The Devil Wears Prada book and we can hardly wait! Hopefully all our burning questions raised in the first two books will finally be answered.

She sipped her skinny margarita from her chaise and watched her husband’s beautiful body cut through the water like a moving art installation. When Miles emerged, he propped himself on the back of the lit infinity pool, where the turquoise water appeared to spill over the side and straight down the mountain. Behind him, the lights from the valley twinkled for miles, making the city look alluring, even sexy. Night was the only time Los Angeles really shined. Gone were the smog and the junkies and the soul-crushing traffic, all replaced by an idyllic vista of night sky and silently twinkling lights—like God himself descended into the Hollywood Hills and selected the most perfect Snapchat filter for his least favorite city on earth

Can’t wait until then? Read and excerpt of the first chapter here to keep you going until June.

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