The Darkness

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Writing, Creative, Stephanie Hallson, The Darkness, Kettle Mag
Image: Pixabay

The wind howled and the rain pummeled my face, my hair violently being pulled across my face. My vision blurred in the storm and a flash of lighting illuminated the sky-unveiling the intense inky black of the sea below me and the violet sky above. I was alone. The sole person around for miles and stood atop the rocky cliff, being eroded by rain every second I stood in my trance, unable to feel the icy cold of the wind slamming into my body.

I knew I should move, will my legs to carry me away from the precipice - yet I was transfixed. Despite the storm, the sea looked so inviting. A neverending pool of darkness and warmth - to feel the water envelop me and swallow me whole - to drift deeper and deeper, away from everyone and everything, letting the darkness comfort and console me as no-one yet could. 

Death is but a sweet relief. We had danced together before. The smoke unfurling in my lungs each day. Inhaling and exhaling the acrid substance until my throat hurt and the sadness had passed. A temporary fix to ease the pain. A habit repeated each day religiously until I was numb and mustered the courage to plaster a smile on my face - one that I felt could crack and peel away at any moment. Revealing my true nature and feelings to those around me.

I took a deep, long breath. Letting the ice invade my lungs, crystallising every inch of me. Held it there. One…Two…Three… Exhale. Without looking below me I closed my eyes…                                                                                                                                             

And jumped.

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Writer for Kettle Magazine. Journalism student at University of St Mark and St John. All views are my own.