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How to manage the transition between sixth form and university
The leap from sixth form or college to university can be challenging in so many ways. Courtney Evans shares her expertise on the matter.
Pre (and Post) Graduate blues
The inevitable fear which sinks in in your final year, and the panic and potential depression which follows graduation, is a feeling shared by many. Victoria Blake shares her experience of the matter.
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Women in the room – but where did they go?
Throughout the UK, female journalists are generally making less than men. But the gender disparity goes well beyond that.
man pyjamas
3 things to think about when shopping for men's loungewear
a brief guide to help guys choose the right loungewear
The state, kettle mag
Review: The State
Upon reading the defense of ‘The State’ and understanding the making of the drama, I felt it only fair to watch the show itself and give an analysis of the show.
British Musical Fireworks Championship, Southport
Southport musical firework competition crowns ‘champion of champions’
Lauren Wise headed down to Southport's British Musical Fireworks Championship 2017 to see who would be declared the 'champion of champions'.
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Simple ways to improve your staff retention
Here are some fairly easy things you can do to help you to retain your staff
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How to keep your face looking fresh during Freshers
Five simple steps to keep your face looking and feeling great during Freshers Week
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Top 7 Banned Books You Have To Read
In light of Banned Books Week, Sidrah evaluates some books over the past century which caused controversy and heated debates upon their release.
Newton Faulkner's 'Hit The Ground Running' - album review
Whilst remaining under the radar, Faulkner has created 5 stunning studio albums, 4 of which have climbed within the top 10 of the UK charts and continues to tour to sold out crowds across the UK and Europe.