Weekly Suggestions

Please choose the suggestions that you like the look of, get it written and then upload it to the site.

Remember that these are only suggestions - if you want to write something totally different then please feel to do so :o)


Position vacant - please apply here

- day to night look - how your makeup changes from a day face to a night face (what products you use for each etc)
- what's your current skincare regime
- from last week: tips to make your make-up go further - how do you make it last (think storage, application, tools etc)
- beauty successes and failures - any horror stories? what to do/not to do with certain products e.g. how to avoid slug eyebrows, cakey foundation etc
- any beauty idols? could be celebrity or beauty blogger - try and recreate your favourite look of theirs

Lauren Wise
  • Reviews! What have you been reading lately? Tell us about it in a review.
  • Bailey's 2017 longlist write up https://www.theguardian.com/books/2017/mar/08/baileys-womens-prize-2017-longlist-sees-established-names-eclipse-debuts
  • Books coming out in March - a write up of the books you'll be buying this month.
  • Creative writing: Got a poem, chapter or haiku to share? Send them in!
  • Book clubs; yes or no? Do you enjoy a group read-along or are you put off when you have an allotted time frame in which to read? Tell us why you're for or against.


  • The cost of a cuppa could be going up :o!! Typhoo’s boss has suggested that he may have to raise the price of Typhoo tea to combat the rising costs as a result of the Brexit vote. What do you make of this Kettlers?!
  • Opinion: Should Phillip Green have his knighthood removed? If so, why? If not, why not?
  • The European Union and Canada have finally signed a free trade deal, called CETA. What is it, and could a deal like Ceta be the answer to Brexit?
  • Opinion: Why Brexit will be good or seriously bad for the UK economy. 
Lucy Skoulding
  1. Opinion: Campus culture: what do you think of yours?
  2. Listicle: Alternatives to a drunken night out at uni that your friends will actually agree to.
  3. Debate: Tea or coffee? Which one is better and why?
  4. Review: BBC's The Replacement.
  5. Obituary: Poet and Carribean Writer Derek Walcott has died aged 87. Write about his life, works, and what he meant to you.
  6. Listicle: Your top 10 favourite board games. 

So much could fit into the Culture section, so please write your own piece if you have an idea or email/message me first if you want to chat about it. 


Current Affairs
Shauna Crossan
  • NASA discovered earth-sized planets in massive discovery. What are the potential for these planets? 5/7/9 of NASA's greatest discoveries. Could talk about the recent success of Hidden Figures film.

  • A woman who has lived in Britain for 27 years was deported - she has 2 sons and a granddaughter living here. Look into this story. Find two other people's deportation/immigration stories.

  • Northern Ireland elections coming up this week! An explanation of all the political parties and a brief overview of what this election means - how it will affect the rest of the UK.

  • The story of Kim Jong-un's half brothers assassination.

Alex Jolly
  • Lack of mod support for Fallout 4 and Skyrim remastered on PS4
  • Review of Windscape (key available)
  • Review of Seasons After Fall (key available)
  • Opinion piece "Are consoles holding back gaming?"
Laura Brown
Liam Taft

1. Review: Personal Shopper

2. Kristen Stewart's Five Best Moments. 

3. Comment piece on whitewashing in Hollywood, with reference in particular to Ghost in the Shell and The Great Wall. Is it acceptable for American actors to take on Asian roles?

4. Trailer reviews: Coco (Pixar's latest, which looks fabulous) and Early Man (from the creators of Wallace and Gromit). 

5. Comment piece: How far does Beauty and the Beast succeed in becoming a 'feminist' interpretation of the original?

Food & Drink
  • Mother's Day- Where are you taking your Mum this year to celebrate this year? Have you come across any restaurants offering fantastic deals? If not, are you planning on cooking something?
  • Skin on fries vs traditional chunky chips- Which of these is your favourite and why?
  • Haggis- What do you think of this traditional Scottish food? What recipes can you incorporate it into?
  • Guinness- With St Paddy's Day having just been and gone, what do you really think of Guinness? Do you like it, if so/ not why? Have you ever used it in cooking and if so, what have you used it in?
  • Reviews- As always, reviews of anything food/ drink based are great!
Tom Earnshaw

- Harry Kane: After another two goals vs Everton, a profile on his rise from unlikely "one season wonder" youth product to first name on the team sheet for both club and country.

- OPINION: A Russian politician wants to turn football hooliganism into a fighting sport (http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39172314)

- Video technology to be trialed in England. After this weekends calamaties, do you think it is about time? Or should football remain "pure"? (https://www.theguardian.com/…/video-technology-game-changin…)

- Leicester make it two wins out of two since sacking Ranieri. A look back at other clubs who have bounced back after sacking a manager (http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39086672)

- Luis Enrique is set to leave Barca (https://www.theguardian.com/…/barcelona-luis-enrique-la-liga) Who could replace him?


1. The wrong film just got announced as the winner of the award when it was actually another film! An embarassing moments piece and how best to cope with embrassing situations...


2. Five thoughts we have all had on 2017 so far which are totally unrelated to the most important topics. An escapist article, something frivolous to make us laugh in times of crisis and doubt E.G. how february hasn't felt like an entire month, but the longest Monday ever...


3. The best ways to set yourself up for a Netflix binge (what snacks are appropiate for the right genre of film, how to get yourself through a new series marathon and how to cope when it's over)


4. One of your opinions considered really unpopular by your friends. Whether it be that avocados are amazing when everyone else hates them, or that you really just don't get why everyone fancies Ryan Reynolds etc. Justify your opinion on something frivolous! 


5. Top 5 favourite and frivolous things about being British? (Use www.verybritishproblems.com for inspiration and twitter account @SoVeryBritish )

  • Article 50 is due to be triggered on the 29th March.... is there anything positive to say about this?
  • #WengerOut - AW is the most successful manager in Arsenal's history and this season may see them miss out on a Champion's League place for the firt tiem ever. Why are Arsenal fans so awful? They have to be the worst fans in British football, right?
  • Tom Watson MP - what does he do? Does he actually do anything befitting the seniority of his role?
  • #ElectionFraud - it's all gone quiet again..... WHY?
  • St Agur - lovely but is it really a cheese?

If you fancy any of these suggestions, or if you have any other ideas for an article of health/fitness/nutrition/mental health, please get in touch!

  •  The danger of Crash Cleansing: Why we should avoid fad diets in the new year
  • Super foods of 2017: Avocado, Sweet potato, cauliflower rice… How can we incorporate these superfoods into our diets?
  • Are you drinking enough water? Why is 75% of the population dehydrated?
  • *NEW FEATURE* Mental Health 101

A space for you to share personal experiences, provide tips and tricks and bust myths surrounding mental health issues.

  • *NEW FEATURE* My Health and Fitness….

A chance for our editors to share their top tips to staying fit and healthy. Article will be in a Q & A format so message me if you want to get involved!

*The usual features...*

  • Kettle Tries….

A review of a trial of any new sport/diet/supplement/medication you have tried. (I’m currently writing one on my experience trying Yoga for the first time).


  • Not so embarrassing bodies:


Choose an ailment/invisible illness that is usually a cause of embarrassment and eradicate the stigma attached I’m writing one at the moment about my lack of sense of smell (it’s true!) Anything similar please share your ideas.

  • My Fitness Journey:

Share your own personal story about how you got into fitness, the impact it had and where you are now compared to where you were. I’ve just finished one about how I got into exercise at the beginning of summer and how this helped my mental health also.




What does the viral BBC interview video of Robert Kelly being interrupted say about racial stereotypes in the media? 

Were Wikileaks recent documents on CIA hacking leaked ethically as claimed? 

New proposals by the German JustIce minister could lead to social media sites facing heavy fines for failing to prevent hate content

After the recent libel judgement against her why does Katie Hopkins have such a following? 

Is the existence of the web under threat as Tim Berners Lee suggests? What about for media and news sites? 

Any queries or if you want to write anything else or grab one of these email me

  • Top 5 bands/artists to see live this year.
  • COMMENT: Ed Sheeran has 9 out of the top 10 tracks in this week's singles chart. Thoughts? This would be good from either an agreeing or opposing point of view.
  • OPINION: In the age of digital music, are the charts still relevant?
  • Band/Artist of the Week.
  • Reviews!
  • SpaceX: What's the story behind the SpaceX rocket explosion? What does this mean for the future of the space industry?
  • Female astronauts: In the aftermath of Tim Peake's mission to the International Space Station, what are 5/7/9 female astronauts that everyone should be aware of?
  • Paris Climate Deal: In a breakthrough moment, both the US and China have agreed to ratify the Paris climate deal- why is this being hailed as a key moment in the battle against climate change?
  • Bee Extinction: Species of bee are being added to the endangered list. Why is this happening and what will the consequences actually be if the world loses the bumblebee?


Sex & Relationships

Position vacant - apply here

  • New Year New Relationship: How you know when it's time to move on.
  • Reducing your 'friends list': Why we should get rid of the people we don't know and don't talk to on our social media to make it a better experience.
  • Trying something new: Sex Toys, a beginners guide to whats out there and what you should try.
  • Finding someone new: A low down on the best dating websites and apps out there for finding friends and something more.
  • Period sex: There has been a lot of talk on the internet recently about period sex. What are the benefits of it and why should you give it a go?
Social Media
Olivia Pearce

This week's suggestions!

  • Australian surfer Owen Wright has won the first World Surf League event of the season after making his return to the sport after suffering a brain injury over a year ago. A recap of his incredible journey perhaps.
  • Despite pulling out of the Miami Open due to an elbow injury, Andy Murray is still our world no. 1, so a little look at some of his greatest moments, on and off the tennis court.
  • OPINION PIECE about adverts using sportspeople as the face of their product - does the monetary side of sport ruin or change sporting values?
  • There has been no mention of SSE Women's FA Cup in the Sunday papers, not even the fixtures list or a match review as Claire Balding tweeted. Thoughts?.
  • A look at some of the best and worst celebrations across the board of sport.
  • Any sporting news or major events/scandals going on at your university? Get in touch and write a piece on what's happening where you are. 
Student Life
Emmi Bowles

This week's suggestions:

  • Essay/ dissertation tips: What are the best ways to write essays 

  • Dropping out: What are the real reasons behind university drop out rates.

  • Masters: Is it worth doing a masters after your undergrad or are you just putting off leaving university?

  • Group work: The pros on cons of group work at university

  • Experience vs Qualifications: What do you think is more important work experience or getting the best grades?

  • My university experience: This is a weekly Q&A feature - If you are interested email emmixbowles@gmail.com and I will send you the questions.

Weekly/Monthly Features: These are regular slots on the website where you can share your experience.

  • Why I chose my degree/university - We are looking for students add to our new weekly feature. Tell us what made you choose your degree subject/university - what influenced your decision and where do you see yourself after you finish at university.
  • A day in the life of a - chemistry student/t acting student/ mature student/ international student/ part time student/ commuting student etc Tell us how your experience differs to others
  • 10 best things about ..... university - What makes your university better than all the rest?


We are looking for correspondents from universities across the UK! If you want to get involved and report on the latest events and news happening at your uni then get in touch!

Cristiana Frunza



- Victoria Beckham x Target - the collection just dropped... what's there to know about it?
- Clare Waight Keller is the new director of Givenchy... we want an overview of past creative directors and how you think she'll influence the creations of the house
- How to make trainers look classy - who doesn't love trainers?! We all do... but how can we make them look good in a classy outfit?
- Funniest fashion story - you wore your favourite top inside out? or you spent the rent money on shoes? We wanna hear all about it! Send us a story you think was hilarious...
- The baby bag and how to wear it

Kettle Mag recommends... 'House style: five centuries of fashion' exhibition at Chatsworth House. A new fashion exhibition created by the American Vogue is to open on the 25th March. We want to know what we'll see there and an overview of the collection.


Tayler Finnegan

OPINION: The Nightly Show on ITV: reinventing nightime entertainment with its weekly hosts or irrelevant filler? Share your thoughts!

Blind Date: Paul O'Grady is to host the revival of the '90s dating show. It's a particularly nice touch as Paul was good friends with the show's late frontrunner, Cilla Black. In an age of apps where partners can be found at the touch of a button, is there still a need for a show like this?

GBBO: Can Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig take over from Mel and Sue in Bake Off hosting duties?

The trailer for the next series of Doctor Who - Peter Capaldi's last - has been released. What can we expect for his swansong?

Just to make you all feel old, cult preschool show Teletubbies turns 20 this year. What was TV like when you were young? Think a day in the life and dig out nostalgic clips on YouTube!


As always, reviews of anything you’ve been watching - or any other TV articles - are welcome!

  • The history of Nasa's black female scientists

  • Public toilets. Why are there never enough for women? If anyone would like to investigate the history of these you’ll probably find the answer!

  • Women in the Workforce: Women with success in perceived ‘masculine’ jobs.

  • The most inspiring female adventurers/explorers.

  • Where are all the female artists from history? Nelli’s Biblical paintings are not in any of the major galleries.


    Play around with the suggestions to make them your own, and feel free to add your own ideas! Simply add your name and the date you will be able to upload the article by and save it.



    Message me at women@kettlemag.co.uk to dibs a post, run an article idea by me, or ask any questions you may have.

Victoria Blake

World weekly article suggestions:

I got into my Kettle email, so either email me there, comment on Facebook on this original post, tag me, or email at tblake2395@gmail.com for suggestions or if you want one of these!

Some writing suggestions for this next week.

Also, for Women's month, here is the topic from the women's section: Women around the World: How does the role of women change in different cultures?

1. https://www.forbes.com/…/no-peak-oil-for-america-or-the-w…/…

2. Dear oh Dear https://www.bloomberg.com/…/le-pen-faces-vote-in-european-p… Is her odds of becoming the next President of France high?
3.http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-39057543 Is he at a high chance of being elected? I saw a short video of why left-wing voters are looking to vote for him on the BBC Facebook page yesterday and now i'm curious.

4. Out of pure curiousity (again) because I am in Texas, are there many people there who have the Trump "Make America Great Again" hats over there? In the same BBC video I mentioned above a Dutch voter explaining why he might vote for Geert Wilders was wearing one. Why is this? irony or double meaning?

5. More Brexit events are unfolding. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/…/brexit-lords-vote-debate-ther…/
(Also, on a side note from a Photography perspective the photos from the protests are outstanding. Really nice.)