Weekly Suggestions

Please choose the suggestions that you like the look of, get it written and then upload it to the site.

Remember that these are only suggestions - if you want to write something totally different then please feel to do so :o)



- top 3/5/7 looks to try out this spring
- top 3/5/7 products e.g. top 3 eyeshadow palettes
- nail art - how easy is it really? perhaps have some fun and play around, then write it up!
- tips to make your make-up go further - how do you make it last (think storage, application, tools etc)
- make-up / hair history - take us through your beauty styles, why you chose them and why you chose to stick with or ditch them (ever worn foundation lips or had a ridiculous, self-cut sweeping fringe... I know I did)
- (could be combined with the suggestion above) beauty trends from the past years that need to make a comeback (think noughties, nineties etc)

Lauren Wise
  • Book of the Month: February still needs it’s book of the month - what's something you've read this month that you want to tell people about?
  • What's your favourite form of literature? Prose, poetry, or even song lyrics - tell us why we should love it too. 
  • Reviews: As always, send in your reviews Kettlers. It doesn't have to be new, a classic or even a novel, whatever you've been soaking up recently, share your views of it in the Kettle Books section.
  • Creative writing: Get your creative writing pieces published! Whether it's a first chapter you want feedback on, or a selection Haikus - send them in! 
  • Philip Pullman has announced a new trilogy, the first of which will be released in October. What are your thoughts - will it struggle to live up to the last one? Or do you have high hopes? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/02/15/philip-pullman-announces-new-book-dust-trilogy-follow-up-dark/

If you fancy writing one of these just send over an email :) 

  • The cost of a cuppa could be going up :o!! Typhoo’s boss has suggested that he may have to raise the price of Typhoo tea to combat the rising costs as a result of the Brexit vote. What do you make of this Kettlers?!
  • Opinion: Should Phillip Green have his knighthood removed? If so, why? If not, why not?
  • The European Union and Canada have finally signed a free trade deal, called CETA. What is it, and could a deal like Ceta be the answer to Brexit?
  • Opinion: Why Brexit will be good or seriously bad for the UK economy. 
Lucy Skoulding
Current Affairs
Shauna Crossan
  • Mexico united for anti-Trump protest. Maybe find some people who were there - twitter is good for this. 3,5,7 reasons Trump's wall won't/shouldn't be be built
  • Germany elects anti-trump President - if trump finishes his term. Who will be standing with America?
  • Northern Ireland politics is pretty much chaos at the minute. Take a look at what's been going on, it's actually very interesting. I think a brief overview of it all would make a good story. Feel free to ask me any questions!
  • John Barrow - UK speaker came under massive fire when he spoke out and said that Trump would not be welcome in the House of Commons. It has now been revealed that he voted remain - against the Tory party. What does this mean for him? Was he right to do these things against this party?
Alex Jolly
  • Lack of mod support for Fallout 4 and Skyrim remastered on PS4
  • Review of Windscape (key available)
  • Review of Seasons After Fall (key available)
  • Opinion piece "Are consoles holding back gaming?"
Laura Brown
Liam Taft

1. Comment piece: The BAFTAs have implemented a new policy that ensures diversity within their nominations. Do we see this reflected in the 2017 nominees?

2. Comment piece: What does Fifty Shades Darker tell us about sexual violence in cinema? Does it excuse/glorify rape?

3. Actor profile: Alice Lowe. Star of Sightseers, Locke, and now her screenwriting/directing debut Prevenge. She's one of the UK's rising stars. 

4. Review: Prevenge. 

5. Trailer review: Beauty and the Beast (focus on the film's feminist angle).

Food & Drink
  • Major retailers claim the demand for organic food is currently high. What do you think of organic food? Is it worth the sometimes heftier price tag and what about in comparison to Fairtrade food?
  • How often, if at all, do you weigh foods such as rice, pasta and cereal? What do you think about the recommended portion size? How can we make the most and bulk up meals without bulking up the carbs?
  • Wetherspoons are soon introducing the amount of calories contained in drinks on their menu. Would this affect your choice of drink, and if so, how much? If not, why not?
  • Craft beer, Pinot Noir Rosé and Gin sales are huge in Asda at the moment. What do you think of these alcoholic drinks? What's your favourite at the moment? 
  • Reviews- as always, reviews on anything food/ drink based is great!
Tom Earnshaw

FACTFILE - Who do YOU support? How is your club's season going? Who is the stand out player/s so far? What can we expect from the rest of the season? What would you like to see going into the 2017 - 18 season?

FEATURE - Justin Kluivert, the son of legendary Dutch striker Patrick Kluivert, made his debut this weekend for Ajax. A look back at the history (top 3/5/7) of sons following in their father's footballing footsteps.

FEATURE - After Chelsea's 3-0 win away to Leicester, Chelsea manager Antonio Conte cosied up to the press by eating a piece of a journalist's post-match cake. With this in mind, is it better for manager's to approach their relationship with the press with the carrot or stick method? Case study approach would be suitable (Nigel Pearson when he was Leicester manager sticks out like a sore thumb).

OPINION - I still would like a piece on the rise of the Chinese Super League. Is it a threat to Europe's footballing hegemony?

OPINION - Dimitri Payet has refused to play for West Ham after demanding a transfer away from the club. Reports even suggest he would go as far as feigning injury if he were put on the pitch. Is it ever OK for a footballer to go about a move away from a club in such a way?


1. Five reasons to love Kimye, five reasons to hate them in 2017


2. Your frivolous celebrity predictions for 2017, who will be best dressed, who will be the next to go awol or do a Kanye West style tweeting spree, who is next to name their baby after a fruit etc


3. Your top five tips for going back to uni after Christmas. From how to get yourself out of bed for those 9am lectures or what the easiest thing to cook is to stop yourself classing your Christmas chocolate as a meal... 

4. One of your opinions considered really unpopular by your friends. Whether it be that avocados are amazing when everyone else hates them, or that you really just don't get why everyone fancies Ryan Reynolds etc. Justify your opinion on something frivolous! 


5. Top 5 favourite and frivolous things about being British? (Use www.verybritishproblems.com for inspiration and twitter account @SoVeryBritish )

  • Theresa May now wants to imprison journalists - is this a good thing?
  • What action - if any - should be taking against David Davis for his actions over Dianne Abbot?
  • Danny Dyer - national trasure or dozy thick twat?
  • #StopFundingHate - is this campaign working?
  • The Stoke By Election is turning really nasty with UKIP's latest leaflet campaign. Why is politics so brutal right now?

If you fancy any of these suggestions, or if you have any other ideas for an article of health/fitness/nutrition/mental health, please get in touch!

  •  The danger of Crash Cleansing: Why we should avoid fad diets in the new year
  • Super foods of 2017: Avocado, Sweet potato, cauliflower rice… How can we incorporate these superfoods into our diets?
  • Are you drinking enough water? Why is 75% of the population dehydrated?
  • *NEW FEATURE* Mental Health 101

A space for you to share personal experiences, provide tips and tricks and bust myths surrounding mental health issues.

  • *NEW FEATURE* My Health and Fitness….

A chance for our editors to share their top tips to staying fit and healthy. Article will be in a Q & A format so message me if you want to get involved!

*The usual features...*

  • Kettle Tries….

A review of a trial of any new sport/diet/supplement/medication you have tried. (I’m currently writing one on my experience trying Yoga for the first time).


  • Not so embarrassing bodies:


Choose an ailment/invisible illness that is usually a cause of embarrassment and eradicate the stigma attached I’m writing one at the moment about my lack of sense of smell (it’s true!) Anything similar please share your ideas.

  • My Fitness Journey:

Share your own personal story about how you got into fitness, the impact it had and where you are now compared to where you were. I’ve just finished one about how I got into exercise at the beginning of summer and how this helped my mental health also.




The government has been accused of an attack on whistle-blowers under proposals in new security legislation

Wikipedia no longer considers the Daily Mail a reliable source - how prone is it to exaggeration?

Why is Private Eye still so successful?

A Dominican newspaper accidentally used a photo of Alec Baldwin in place of Trump and had to apologise after none of the editors spotted it

The PM's new spokesperson has been announced as a political journalist form the Daily Mail

  • 5/7/10 reasons you should be listening to... (pick a band, artist or genre of music and simply let us know the reasons why we should be listening!)
  • Top 3/5/7 bands/artists of the past year.
  • Ones to watch for 2017. 
  • Band/Artist of the Week.
  • Reviews!
  • SpaceX: What's the story behind the SpaceX rocket explosion? What does this mean for the future of the space industry?
  • Female astronauts: In the aftermath of Tim Peake's mission to the International Space Station, what are 5/7/9 female astronauts that everyone should be aware of?
  • Paris Climate Deal: In a breakthrough moment, both the US and China have agreed to ratify the Paris climate deal- why is this being hailed as a key moment in the battle against climate change?
  • Bee Extinction: Species of bee are being added to the endangered list. Why is this happening and what will the consequences actually be if the world loses the bumblebee?


Sex & Relationships

Position vacant - apply here

  • New Year New Relationship: How you know when it's time to move on.
  • Reducing your 'friends list': Why we should get rid of the people we don't know and don't talk to on our social media to make it a better experience.
  • Trying something new: Sex Toys, a beginners guide to whats out there and what you should try.
  • Finding someone new: A low down on the best dating websites and apps out there for finding friends and something more.
  • Period sex: There has been a lot of talk on the internet recently about period sex. What are the benefits of it and why should you give it a go?
Social Media
Student Life
Emmi Bowles

Weekly/Monthly Features: These are regular slots on the website where you can share your experience.

  • Why I chose my degree/university - We are looking for students add to our new weekly feature. Tell us what made you choose your degree subject/university - what influenced your decision and where do you see yourself after you finish at university.
  • A day in the life of a - chemistry student/t acting student/ mature student/ international student/ part time student/ commuting student etc Tell us how your experience differs to others
  • 10 best things about ..... university - What makes your university better than all the rest?

This week's suggestions:

  • House or halls - the pros and cons of living in a house or staying in some form of halls (private or uni)
  • Diary of a third year student - let those first years know what final year is really all about.
  • 5 organisation tips that even the laziest of students can do.
  • Group work - the pros and cons of working in a group for an assignment.
  • Dissertation: How to stay on top of it and get the best grade.
  • Library etiquette - what are the dos and don't of an all nighter in the library?


We are looking for correspondents from universities across the UK! If you want to get involved and report on the latest events and news happening at your uni then get in touch!

Cristiana Frunza



  • TOP 5: Best spring shoes - we love a good pair of shoes, but what are the best options for spring? Think ballet flats, loafers, sandals etc

  • London Fashion Week: highlights

  • Colourblock: how to style - two contrasting colours will sure make any outfit stand out, but what are the rules behind styling them right?

  • Student-chic: share with us what your favourite bargains of this month are!

  • Blogger profile: Kristina Bazan - we want a short profile on who this international fashion blogger is and how did she become so famous!



  • Top tips for packing light
  • Top tips to overcome your fear of flying
  • Romantic Valentines break destinations
  • When is the right time to take a gap year?
  • More reviews/guides on holidays and places to travel to
Tayler Finnegan

The BBC drama Taboo, starring Tom Hardy, is wrapping up next weekend. What is the story so far?

Sherlock Holmes, as portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch, has been voted number one in a poll of top BBC characters. Do you agree with the result? Who are your top 5/7/10 TV characters?

Red Nose Day 2017: the televised charity event will feature a Love, Actually reunion on 24 March. Who's taking part, and what else does the night promise?

A teaser trailer has been released for the new series of Orange is the New Black. What do we know about Season 5?

Review of Netflix original series 'Santa Clarita Diet'


As always, reviews of anything you’ve been watching are welcome!

  • Women’s History Month is coming up fast and I want to get tons of content up so that we can publish something daily throughout March. These are just suggestions* so play around with them to make it your own, and feel free to add your own ideas! Simply add your name and the date you will be able to upload the article by to this form and save it. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cgcM-RW9K0MCrZeq9lw6ARol4LOzMDq_gw9TpkrmgtI/edit

  • 5/7/10 reasons you should celebrate Galentine's Day this year. 

  • Does Sweden have the world's first "feminist government?"

  • Revenge porn: What is it, why is it illegal and how do we stop it happening?

  • Reaction: Why/how did Adele beat Beyoncé in the Grammys?


Message me at women@kettlemag.co.uk to dibs a post, run an article idea by me, or ask any questions you may have. 

Victoria Blake

World weekly article suggestions:

Not a major change, but there are a few new ones. Also, because I am having trouble getting into my kettle email, so please email me stories or questions either on here or at tblake2395@gmail.com.

Some writing suggestions for this next week.

1. http://news.sky.com/…/marine-le-pen-who-is-national-front-c… More conversation on a push in the Western world for far-right political advantage. Thoughts?
2. Still relevant so: In a shift to South Africa, http://voices.nationalgeographic.com/…/south-africas-lion-…/ this is going on. What suggestions could there be to solve this problem? Are there efforts being made that just aren't making the media?
3.http://www.bbc.com/news/business-38959018 Some of us are still in school, (myself included,) and what do you think of this? Is your school great for school or just a little too small? (mine's a little too small for me).
4.http://www.bbc.com/…/vi…/features/magazine-38967515/38967515 Something more fun. How does this stack up against other old pop?
5. http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-news-from-elsewhere-38970477 Wondering if this has happened before in other northern countries. Investigate this!