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Immigration - How the newspapers have it so wrong
Misunderstandings, poor representation and now a gimmick. Immigration in the UK over the last few years has seen a constant spot in our news, and our politics. As we now build up to the general election, are we going to see immigration re-versioned all over again?
Kettlemag, Music, Rock and Roll, Hall of Fame, Al Smith
Is a place in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as prestigious as it once was?
The list for the 2015 nominees has recently been released and it is just as tenuous as previous years. Al Smith asks the question, is there weight to the prize anymore, or has it become like the Mercury Prize, stagnant and uncared for?
Andrew Musgrove looks at the most shocking returns to the soap on Kettle
Eastenders' top five returns
Nasty Nick Cotton returns from the dead this week to strike havoc into Walford and his poor old dear ma’ Dot. Andrew Musgrove looks back at the top five Eastenders returns
One Direction have caused endless fan-fiction spin-offs as Emma Jones examines on Kettle
Fan fiction: Harmless fun or a step too far?
Emma Jones explores the craze of the fan fiction
Leah Short avoids chemical shampoo, on Kettle
No-poo: what I have learnt
Hair is so important to us in a world where image is everything, but Leah Short asks if we're really looking after it the way we should?
Kirstie Keate Kettle Mag working mothers
Dear business, please don't freeze our eggs...
Business needs to appreciate women don't want their eggs frozen, they want flexibility.
Review: Gotham episode one
Before Batman there was Gotham. Channel 5 brings us the story of the city's origins. Ellie Kumar gives her opinion on the debut episode.
’71: A fast-paced account of the height of The Troubles
Based on the sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland, '71 is a tense account of a British soldier who becomes lost from his unit.
Emma Jacobs, KettleMag, Lena Dunham
Dunham's Not That Kind of Girl is "an ideal mix of sex and self-pity"
Emma Jacobs reviews Lena Dunham's autobiography. Spoiler: it's full of sex and germ phobias.
Photo of Bethlehem Wall by Tracy Hunter used in Kettle Mag
British MPs voted to recognise Palestine as state
On October 13 British MPs voted to recognise Palestine as a state, though it was widely publicised that this action was non-binding for the government. What is the background to this question, and what are the outcomes?