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First ever person in the US declared ‘intersex’ on their birth certificate
Api landmark achievement for the Intrsex community.
Review: La La Land
Film editor Liam Taft reviews the Oscar-tipped musical.
How to wear it: fur loafers
Some tips on how to wear the craziest fashion trend...
2017 Fashion resolutions
Our style editor, Cristiana Frunza, shares her fashion resolutions...
private aviation, kettle mag
How private aviation has improved and why It’s becoming more popular
There are a few key reasons for the growing popularity of this particular mode of travel
Brexit, EU Referendum, Young People, Social Media, Politics, Engagement, Kettle Mag, Helen Vipond
What we’ve Learned from Brexit: Young People, Social Media and Political Engagement
Helen Vipond discusses the effects of the Brexit vote with particular reference to the impact of social media on political engagement with young people.
Gianni Infantino, FIFA, World Cup, football, Tom Earnshaw, Kettle Mag
FIFA World Cup: Expansion for the right reasons?
Tom Earnshaw looks at the reasons behind expanding the world's biggest football tournament.
Disclosure, music, DJ, culture, identity, Alex Veeneman, Kettle Mag
The Musical Identity of Disclosure
As the fifth anniversary of the release of Latch approaches, Alex Veeneman considers the musical identity of the electronic music duo Disclosure, and what it means for their future.
Film, Criticism, Reviews, Journalism, Critics, Kettle Mag, Scott Wilson
Is Film Criticism still Relevant?
With bite-sized reviews so readily accessible, where do in-depth reviews fit in 2017? Scott Wilson investigates.
January transfer window: TOP 5 Premier League arrivals
Tom Earnshaw looks at the best January transfers to the Premier League