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17 / Sep / 2014

The footballing world was shocked this week to learn of the news that Newcastle United midfielder Jonas Gutierrez has had a testicle removed after

Jonas Gutierrez, testicular cancer, health, Andrew Musgrove, Kettle Mag
17 / Sep / 2014
Will Self is often accused of being incomprehensible to the average reader. His vocabulary too verbose, his analogies too deeply drawn, his ideas
KettleMag, Laura Elliott, Will Self, author
17 / Sep / 2014
Banks’ album Goddess dropped on 8th September, and since the release I’ve been fan-girling all over the shop.    I had
Kettlemag, Music, Banks, Goddess
16 / Sep / 2014
Paloma Faith is an artist of incredible vocal ability who is all too often ignored by mainstream music press. This is a woman who would laugh in
Kettlemag, Music, Paloma Faith, BBC Proms 2014
16 / Sep / 2014

I've recently been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. When people hear the word panic attack, they assume it means that's it

Gerd Altmann, Health, Mental Health, Anxiety, Panic Attacks,


26 / Jun / 2013

Over the last few weeks, the actions of hacktivist group Anonymous seem to have gone into overdrive, with three separate cyber-attacks targeted at

anonymous, hacktivists, robin hoods, terrorists, Gia Armstrong, Kettle Mag
29 / Mar / 2014

A recent journey into uni on the bus completely enraged me: “I don’t understand what she’s doing; she’s nineteen and she

sex education, school, education, reform, Daniella Scott, Kettle Mag
18 / Sep / 2012

I was surfing the net the other day, trying to find just the right video of a penguin falling over that I thought could contend with one a friend

iPhone, photograph, sunset,
07 / May / 2013

If someone asks me what I do with myself, I tell them that I’m a journalist.  If they push me a little further I’ll tell them

graduate, journalism, degree, value, university, student
10 / Nov / 2011

It was 1916 on the 1st of July