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Kettlemag, Women, Gender Gap, Pay Gap,
Has David Cameron given us the chance to close the gender pay gap?
David Cameron will force companies to reveal gender pay differences. Is this a step forward?
Chelsea Ladies, FA Cup, Women's football, football, Wembley, Kettlemag, Jessica Wells
Chelsea Ladies win proves why women's football is on the rise
As Chelsea Ladies defeat Notts County Ladies 1 - 0, Jessica Wells examines the match and the support which is changing the public perception about women's football.
Kettlemag, Film, The Film That, Mary Poppins, Naomi Duffree
Mary Poppins: The Film That... Influenced my Career
Naomi Duffree talks about her love of Mary Poppins and how it influenced her career choice.
Kettlemag, Relationships, TV Couples,
The Top five types of TV couples
The top five TV couples that have been giving us unrealistic relationship expectations for decades.
Kettlemag, Entertainment, Melia Kreiling
Kettle interview: Melia Kreiling
Kettle's Conor McArdle talks to actress Melia Kreiling about her new movie and being painted pink.
Kettlemag, ASOS, Lookbook, High Summer
ASOS High Summer Lookbook
Go global with these glam backpacker inspired looks.
Kettlemag, Beauty, Split Hair,
What is #SplitHair?
Beauty Editor Renate O'Connor introduces us to yet another wacky hair trend... Split Hair. See the Instagrammers crazy for it and her top tips for choosing the right style for you.
NFL, American Football, Wembley, Kettlemag, Benjamin Park
Why is the NFL popular in Britain?
As more Brits are watching the NFL, Ben Park looks at the reasons behind the sports popularity.
apple music, apple, spotify, tidal, scott wilson, streaming,
The success of streaming
Scott Wilson looks at streaming services, their success, and why they're only getting more popular.
Kettlemag, Frivolity, Pedestrians, Pavement, Cycling
Pavements for pedestrians
Cycling on the pavement is not only a nuisance to pedestrians but also dangerous. Jennifer Constable vents her anger over this particular pet hate.