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Don't Cheat, Hannah Parry, plagiarism, Kettle Mag
Plagiarism: Is it worth the risk?
Writer Hannah Parry tells us why plagiarism isn't worth the time or the risk & explores the consequences of what can happen if you get caught!
Kettle Mag, Lorna Holland, I Am Kloot
I Am Kloot at Cambridge Junction
Music Editor Lorna Holland reviews Manchester rock band I Am Kloot's gig at Cambridge Junction.
vogue fashion festival
Vogue Fashion Festival 2015
Your Fashion Editor, Rebecca Parker, takes you through Vogue Fashion Festival and how to break into fashion journalism.
W1A, BBC comedy, Gemma Hirst, Kettle Mag
The return of BBC comedy W1A
Gemma Hirst celebrates the return of hit BBC comedy, W1A.
Child 44, banned in Russia, Fiona Carty, Kettle Mag
Child 44 banned in Russia
Fiona Carty talks about how the film Child 44 has been banned in Russia.
Katie Hopkins, hate speech, kettle mag,
Please Katie, calm it down.
Katie Hopkins seems to cause controversy and damage whenever she opens her mouth... why?
How do I get an internship, intern, Hannah Parry, Kettle Mag.
How do I get an internship in the media industry?
Kettle's Hannah Parry tells us her top 5 tips for getting a summer internship in the media industry!
Pixabay, Kettle Mag, Health, Body Shaming, Obesity, Harriet King,
Body shaming: The shame of it
Harriet King responds to Jamelia's comments about Obesity, whilst on the TV show Good Morning on Tuesday. Asking the question, when will the body shaming end?
Library, Lauren Wise, Student Life, Kettle Mag
Pet peeves of the university library
With the exam period looming the library is the place to be! Lauren Wise tells us about the annoying things that you shouldn't be doing in the library!
Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrats, tuition fees, Alex Veeneman, Kettle Mag
The Liberal Democrats, tuition fees and the student vote
Kettle's Alex Veeneman looks at what is at stake for the Liberal Democrats ahead of the general election, as the party faces new criticism on the tuition fees issue.