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Dave Mackay: A tribute to one of Scotland's finest players
Nathan Price runs through the wonderful career of the Hearts, Tottenham and Derby hero.
David Cameron, debates, General Election, Alex Veeneman, Kettle Mag
The continued debate on the election debates
Media editor Alex Veeneman looks at whether David Cameron is to participate in a YouTube only debate, as the televised order of debates is announced.
Endometriosis, Awareness week, Health, Rebekah Chaplin, Kettle Mag,
Endometriosis Awareness Week
Endometriosis: Health Editor Rebekah Chaplin explains what it is and how you can help raise awareness
Kettle Mag, Alex Goode, Music, Queen, Adam Lambert
Queen + Adam Lambert: Keeping Freddie's Dreams Alive
TV Editor Alex Goode talks about seeing Queen live in concert with new frontman Adam Lambert.
Twitter, investors, Wall Street, social media, Alex Veeneman, Kettle Mag
How will the Twitter-Google partnership affect journalism?
Media editor Alex Veeneman explores what the new Twitter-Google partnership means for journalism online and on social media.
Respect, Transgender, #HisNameWasZander, #hernamewasLeelah, Trans, #TransLivesMatter, LGBT, Equalism, Health, Kettle Mag, Ted Eytan,
Transgender Teen Suicides
Anushka D'Souza shares her views on the recent suicides of transgender teens Leelah Alcorn and Zander Mahaffey.
KettleMag Kirstie Keate interest rates Europe UK banking
How low will interest rates go?
Interest rates have been at rock bottom for years now, but why do interest rates matter? Business Editor Kirstie Keate takes a look.
Flora Turnbull performs as Linda Loman in Miller's Death of a Salesman
Sheffield University Theatre Company Presents: Death of a Salesman - Review
Culture Editor Laura Elliott reviews Sheffield University's superb production of Arthur Miller's classic text.
Oscars, moments, film, Daniel Eggleston, Kettle Mag
Top Five Most Memorable Oscar Moments
Daniel Eggleston tells us about his top five most memorable Oscar moments.
Lance Armstrong, cycling, sport, Harriet King, Kettle Mag
Lance Armstrong: Public hero or enemy?
Harriet King considers whether the American cyclist Lance Armstrong should be given a second chance, in light of a recent BBC interview.