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Sam Allardyce leaves England manager post
The FA has confirmed that Sam Allardyce has left his position as England manager due to "inappropriate conduct." Sam Hewitt reports on a frantic start to the week in English football.
Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn
Where next for Labour?
After Jeremy Corbyn's decisive re-election as Labour leader, Cameron Ridgway considers the path ahead for the party.
Kettlemag Faith
Misogyny Should Not Be A Rite Of Passage
Should misogyny be a rite of passage, something we learn to live with and accept?
Chinese food, Friday night takeaway, healthy, Kettle Mag
Friday night takeaway: why Chinese is the healthiest option
It’s Friday night and you’re sick of the cheap and not so cheerful pasta dishes that
My Fitness Journey: Dogged determination
Naomi Duffree attempts to put to bed the nightmares of cross country double PE lessons. It involves a dog, a fall and something she's never attempted before.
Savannah Betts, Warning, music, review, Lorna Holland, Kettle Mag
Preview: Warning by Savannah Betts
Music Editor Lorna Holland reviews up-and-coming artist Savannah Betts' brand new EP, Warning, ahead of its official release.
The Benefits Of Matcha Tea
Matcha: A finely ground powdered green tea enjoyed by tea drinkers over the globe. Not only delicious, it's also healthy in many ways!
DJ, music, artists, more, radio, Josh, Kettle Mag
3 musicians who should be played more
Josh selects three musicians who he doesn't think are heard enough to recommend to you.
Snapchat, spectacles, company, technology, Josh, Kettle Mag
Spectacles and the new Snapchat
Snapchat as a company renames itself to Snap and unveils it's first piece of hardware. What's it all about?
Kettle Mag: Rae Coppola
10 ways to make the most of university
With the cost of university on the rise, people are asking if it is really worth it and how to make the most of their university experiences. Kettle Mag women's editor Rae Coppola gives her top tips.