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Paris, artist, spray painting, culture, Rochelle Beighton, Kettle Mag
Artists spread the love with hashtag #sprayforparis
Rochelle Beighton looks at the artists paying tribute to the French after the attacks in Paris.
Fire brigade, safety, cuts, politics, Olivia Whaley, Kettle Mag
Budget cuts could leave fire services struggling
With even more threats of cuts to our fire services, Olivia Whaley gives her opinion on why we should teach people to stay aware of the matter.
Google Plus, redesign, social media, Sam Fearnley, Kettle Mag
Can Google Plus bounce back with a redesign?
Sam Fearnley takes a look at Google's relaunched social media platform.
Successful first date, kettle mag, kettlemag
What's the key to a successful first date?
The idea of a successful first date will be different for everyone; after we all have our own
Kettlemag, presentation, seminar, university, students, Andrew Martin
7 tips for a better presentation
Andrew Martin shares his advice on how to improve your presentation skills.
Kirstie Keate, Business editor, Kettle Mag, Naomi Duffree
I never knew that! With Kettle Business Editor, Kirstie Keate
Kettle Mag's Business editor reveals why she wants to misbehave if hiding her brussel sprouts wasn't enough as a child. It's confession time for Kirstie Keate!
Nigel Simpkins, Kettlemag
What happened when Idris Elba met Superdry?
Idris Elba has teamed up with Superdry to create some seriously cool clothes.
Brunel University students stage walk-out in protest against Katie Hopkins speaking at fiftieth anniversary celebration
Students at Brunel University protested against Katie Hopkins being invited to a debate at their university by buying fifty tickets and staging a mass walk-out as soon as the controversial columnist started speaking.
Kettlemag, Relationships, Winter, Dates, Abi Donoghue
Top 5 Winter Date Ideas
Abi Donoghue shares her top 5 things to do on a date during the winter months.
Kettlemag, Music, The Neighbourhood, Wiped Out!, Jamie Doherty
Album Review: Wiped Out! by The Neighbourhood
Jamie Doherty takes a look at the sophomore album from The Neighbourhood, who are currently one of the most intriguing bands around.