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blogging, media, technology, Fiona Carty, Kettle Mag
Freedom of Speech: bloggers behind bars?
Fiona Carty looks at why bloggers and citizen journalists need protection on freedom of speech compared to mainstream journalists.
Nadia in the house, Kettle Mag, Holly Wade
Celebrity Big Brother: Nadia finally gets the boot
Nadia is evicted, much to her delight.
Jerez, Formula 1, test, sport, Charlie Wright, Kettle Mag
F1 Returns as 2015 Testing Begins
On the eve of the first day of testing, Charlie Wright previews the first test of 2015 in Jerez, Spain.
James Donnelly, Kettle Mag, feminism, men's rights activism, anger, politics, creating change, patriarchy
Miss Andry or Miss Representation - Thoughts on Feminism
Anger is a political act. Women (in all their forms) getting irate about their chronic and continuing poor standing in all aspects of their lives is an extremely political act. The status quo is dependent on tradition being upheld and women disrupting that narrative makes it one of the essential liberating struggles of modern society.
Kettlemag, Sex, Relationships, Valentine's Day, Rebecca Wilson
A guide to Valentine's Day gifts on a student budget
When money's tight, buying Valentine's Day gifts for your other half can be an unwanted expense. But following this gift guide will help you impress your special someone this year - on a student budget
Patsy has a laugh now she is out, Big Brother, Holly Wade, Kettle Mag
Celebrity Big Brother: Patsy's exit is overshadowed by more Perez antics
It's been a crazy week in the house, with Perez and Patsy leaving, only for Perez to miraculously reappear.
The Sun, Page 3, journalism, debate, women, Hannah Parry, Kettle Mag
What does Page 3 say about women in the media?
Hannah Parry looks at the role of women in the media as the debate over Page 3 continues.
Orfila - Kettle Mag, Lorna Holland, music
5 indie artists you need to listen to
Music Editor Lorna Holland picks out 5 of the best indie artists currently on the music scene.
Gap Year, education, travel, Emily Davis, Kettle Mag
Should I take a gap year?
Emily Davis considers whether a student should pursue a gap year.
Kettlemag, Sex, Relationships, Valentine's Day, gifts, Becky Lancashire
Valentine’s Day? Ugh – no way!
With Valentine's Day approaching again, Becky Lancashire questions why the day is so significant and what is so special about cheap gifts on one of 365 days of the year.