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13 / Jul / 2014

On June 24th we learned that the T-shirt featuring the now infamous quote, ‘Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’ from British

fashion, diets, Barbie, industry, Maria Maynes, Kettle Mag
13 / Jul / 2014

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you have a 9am lecture, sometimes it's near impossible to make something more exciting

breakfast, microwave, food, Bridie Pearson-Jones
13 / Jul / 2014
There’s no denying that most of us love a song about an ex. Almost every big artist from Beyoncé to Taylor Swift has had a proven
Kettlemag, Music, Robin Thicke, Paula, Alex Goode
12 / Jul / 2014
Cristiano Ronaldo: The World at His Feet runs at just under an hour providind viewers with a look at Christiano Ronaldo’s potted history with
Ronaldo, film, review, The World at His Feet, Charles Low, Kettle Mag
12 / Jul / 2014
Play an instrument? Check. Found some bandmates? Check. Think you’ll be the next big thing? Not so fast.   As with anything,
Kettlemag, Music, Band, Silhouettes, Kealie Mardell


24 / Oct / 2013

The World Health Organisation estimates that around 121 million people worldwide struggle with some form of depression. This statistic is made all

kettlemag, facebook, mental health, depression, anxiety, mark zuckerburg, social
03 / Sep / 2012

I adore a really good period drama - something that sweeps me out of modern life into another world, romantic and long forgotten. Now some may say

parades end, cumberbatch
12 / Aug / 2012

"The cinema gives pleasure, certainly. But most of all for me, film-making is a journey into the impossible. When I make a

14 / Oct / 2013
It was BBC 1Xtra's fourth day of touring the country in celebration of the best of urban talent and the team took over Liverpool's Echo
Liam Hughes Kettlemag, BBC 1Xtra, Echo Arena, Liverpool, Robin Thicke
04 / Sep / 2012

Imagine the horror of the men/women of Thailand, as Sven Goran Eriksson emerged from the door of the plane like a flasher’s secret weapon.